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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gothred king of Man.Gothredus king of Man being writtẽ vnto, as well by the Archbiſhop, as by Rotherike king of Connagh, came to further this enterpriſe with other Iland men embarked in .xxx. ſhips fraught full of warlike people, and aryuing in the hauen of Hauenliph, came forwarde to cloſe vp the ha|uen of Dublin.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After that the Earle of Pembrooke being ſhut vp within the walles of Dublin, had abyd the ſiege for the ſpace of two Monethes togither, and coulde recouer no vytayles for the reliefe of hys people, ſo that famine began ſore to annoy them within: The malice of theyr enimies was not thus contented to moleſt the Engliſh men with keping them beſieged within Dublin,Duneualde Mac Dermi|tius. but Dune|ualde, Mac Dermicius or Dermote, alſo com|ming forth of the confines of Kencelie, got togi|ther an armie (what of ſuche as he brought with him forth of Kencelie, and of the towneſmen of Wexford) in all to the number of three thouſand, with which power hee enuironed Fitz Stephan that with a few lay within his Caſtel of Karrec, and conſtrayned him ſo ſore, that he wrote vnto the Earle, aduertiſing him, that if he were not re|ſcued within three dayes, all ſuccour would come to late. There were beſieged within Dublyn in company of the Erle Maurice, Fitz Geralde and Reymonde that was lately returned from King Henrie: the one brother, and the other nephew to Fitz Stephan: wherevpon when aduertiſement was come in what daunger he ſtood, being ſo be|ſet of enimies that he might by no meanes eſcape without preſent reſcue, they vſed ſuch perſwaſion with the Earle,The beſieged determin to ſally forth vp their enimies that it was reſolutely determi|ned to make a ſally forth vpon the enimies, and to trie the hazarde of battaile, ſo to delyuer them|ſelues and other from inſtant perill: eyther with victorie or death, ſithe otherwiſe they knewe not howe to prouide remedie in ſuch deſperate ſtate of things.

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