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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The ſame time, that is, about Whitſuntide,Haſtulfus. Haſtulfus that in times paſt had beene gouernor of Dublyn. with .lx. ſayle fraught with Norwe|gians and Iland men, arriued neare to Dublin, and landing his people vnder the gouernment of one that had the leding of thẽ, named Iohn Hen|uode, a forwarde man of warre,Iohannes Iuſanus. they prepared themſelues to aſſault the Citie. They were well appoynted for the warre, clad in long habergeons or plate cotes cunningly wrought, with rounde targettes coloured redde, and bound about with a ring of yron, ſo that both themſelues and theyr weapons were couered with yron.The Norwe|gians aſſault Dublin. They aſſaul|ted the Citie at the Eaſt gate, but Miles Cogan then captain of that Citie manfully made a ſally forth vpon the enimies, but not able to abyde the impreſſion of ſuche an huge multitude, hauing loſt part of his ſmall number, he was conſtrayned to retyre backe into the Citie, till his brother Ri|chard Cogã iſſuing forth wt a few at the poſterne of the ſouthſide, ſet vpõ the enimies behind,They are diſ|confited. raiſing ſuch a noiſe & hobub, ye ſtriken vpon a ſodain with a maruellous feare, they toke themſelues to f [...]ight, ſo that being fiercely purſued, ye moſt part of them EEBO page image 27 were ſlaine togither with Iohn Henuode theyr Captaine.Iohannes In|ianus.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Haſthulf alſo as he woulde haue fledde to the ſhips, was ouertaken by one Manne Gliſi, and brought priſoner into the Citie.Haſtulf taken priſoner. He was at the firſt courteouſly vſed, but when he began arro|gantly to forget himſelfe, vttering certaine pre|ſumptuous ſpeeches, ſaying, well, we came now but with a ſmall power to trie what might bee done, this is but a beginning of a proufe made, for if God ſpare me life, greater attemptes ſhall follow. Theſe wordes comming to the know|ledge of Myles Cogan, hee commaunded that he ſhould forthwith be brought to a blocke, where he was puſht downe and had his head ſwapped off:His intempe|rate talke coſt him his life. and ſo for his vntemperate tongue hee loſt his life, that otherwiſe with great curteſie had bin preſerued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this the Iriſhmen aſſembled theyr po|wers togyther on eche hande,Dublin be|ſieged. ſo that with an in|finit number of men they came and beſieged Du|blin, at the procuring of Laurence Archbiſhop of that Citie, who vpon a zeale to his Countreymẽ trauayled earneſtly therein.

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