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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Iriſh Clergie perceyuing in what danger the countrey ſtood, aſſembled thẽſelues togither at Ardmagh, and with one accord proteſted, that for their ſinnes, & ſpecially for their barbarous kind of tyrannie which they vſed in buying and ſelling, and vilely abuſing ſuch Engliſh captiues as they bought, aſwel of Merchants as Pirates, the land was now like to be tranſlated to that nation whõ they had ſo cruelly intreated. Therfore to appeaſe the wrath of God, they decreed that all the Eng|liſh people whereſoeuer any of them remayned in ſeruitude within the Ile, ſhoulde forthwith be re|leaſed, and if it pleaſed God to lay his ſcourge vp|pon them, they determined to ſuffer the ſame pa|ciently, as a puniſhment a great way beneath the fulneſſe of their deſertes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Henry although he was well contented to forbeare the preſence of the Erle of Pembroke,King Henrie miſtruſteth the increaſing ſtate of the Erle of Pem|broke. yet he liked nothing at all to ſee him thus aduan|ced in Irelande, ſith he might in time atteyne to ſuch power there, that the ſame adioyned to hys faction in Wales, he ſhould be able to coũtenance the Crowne of Englande.An Edict ſet forth to re|uoke the Eng|liſhmen forth of Irelande. An Edict therefore was made and publiſhed, charging all ſubiects to returne home into Englande before Eaſter next, vpon perill to forfeyt landes and goodes, and to be baniſhed the Realme for euer. Alſo that none ſhoulde preſume to paſſe into Irelande from any of the Kings dominions by ſhippe, to conuey a|ny wares or prouiſions thither. Wherevppon Reymond was ſent ouer to ſpeake with the king,Reymond is ſent to king Henrie. remayning as then in France. Whileſt he follo|wed the Court, and the king lingring time to de|ſpatch him with anſwere, Thomas Archebiſhop of Canterburie was diſpatched out of life,1171 as in the Engliſh Hiſtorie is mentioned.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus had the Iriſhe a breathing ſpace, and ſo continued all the Winter without any greate troubles, which ſeaſon being paſt,The deceaſe of Dermote Mac Mourchie. King Der|mote Mac Mourche departed this life at Fernes, about the Kalendes of May, being a man well ſtriken in yeares.

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