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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The bishops and doctors sat on the one side of the quéere at a table for them prepared, & the other lear|ned men sat at another table on the other side of the same queere. And at the vpper end thereof at an o|ther table sat the quéenes maiesties councell, desi| [...]ous to haue séene some good conclusion of the said conference, although (as ye may perceiue by that which is aboue recited) it came to small effect. In this meane time, a treatie of peace, which had béene in hand the last yeare, first at Lisle, and after at the ab|beie of Cercampe, a thrée leagues from Dorlens,A treatie for peace betwixt the kings of Spaine and France. be|twixt the two kings of Spaine and France, was now renewed againe, and the deputies were appoin|ted to meet at Chasteau Cambresi, a six leagues distant from Cambraie. For the king of Spaine, the duke of Alua, the prince of Orange, the bishop of Arras, Rigomes de Silua earle of Mellito, monsieur Ui|glius Zwichem, knight and president of the priuie councell in the low countries, who neuerthelesse came not, bicause he was letted by sicknesse. For the French king there came the cardinall of Loraine the conestable, the marshall of saint Andrew,The deputie [...] or commissio|ners appoin|ted for the princes. the bi|shop of Orleans, and Claude de Aubespine, the said kings secretarie. For the queene of England, the bi|shop of Elie, the lord William Howard baron of Effingham lord chamberleine to the said quéene, doctor Nicholas Wootton deane of Canturburie and Yorke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 For the duke of Sauoie, there were the earle of Stropiana, & the president of Asti. And as a meane or mediatrix betwéene the parties, there was Chri|stierna dutchesse of Loraine, with hir sonne the yong duke, which dutchesse, as well here as before at Cer|campe, EEBO page image 1184 trauelled most earnestlie to doo good betwixt the parties, and to bring them to a finall accord, whose endeuor therein was to the great good liking & con|tentation of all the said parties. After that this trea|tie had continued a long time, and now rest [...]d no|thing to staie them frõ concluding a generall peace, but onelie the article touching Calis, at length that matter was also accorded by a speciall treatie be|twixt the quéenes maiestie of England, [...]. The articles of the peace betwixt the [...]eenes ma| [...]tie and the French king. & the French king, Guido Caualcanti a gentleman of Florence being the meane to bring the same to effect. The sub|stance of which articles was, that Calis shuld rest in the Frenchmens hands, for the terme of eight yéeres, and at the end of that terme, they couenanted to ren|der the same: or else for default, to forfeit vnto the quéenes highnesse the summe of fiue hundred thou|sand crownes; and for suertie hereof, to deliuer foure hostages, such as hir maiestie should thinke suffici|ent. And in case the towne were not deliuered at the end of the said eight yéeres, though the monie were paid according to the couenants: yet notwithstan|ding the right and title to the said towne and coun|trie adioining, should alwaies remaine and be reser|ued vnto the crowne and realme of England. It was further concluded also, that a peace should be firmed and had betwixt the realmes of England and Scotland, such fortresses to be rased as had been built and made by the Scots and French on the borders towards England, as Haimouth and others.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Sir Iohn Mason.Sir Iohn Mason knight, secretarie for the French toong, was sent ouer in post with instructions vnto the English commissioners, after whose comming, within two or thrée daies,A generall peace betwixt the kings of France and Spaine. a generall peace was con|cluded betwixt all the parties, the articles whereof not touching England, we haue of purpose omit|ted. But now after the conclusion of this peace, the said sir Iohn Mason returned in post with the same: and so therevpon, the seuenth of Aprill, the said peace was proclamed;The peace proclamed. to wit, betwixt the quéenes maiestie on the one part, and the French king on the other, their realmes, dominions, and subiects; and likewise betwixt hir said maiestie and the king Dolphin and quéene of Scots his wife, their realmes, dominions, and subiects. This proclamation was made by Gar|ter Norreie king at armes, accompanied with thrée other heralds, & fiue trumpettors: the lord maior of London & the aldermen in their scarlet gowns being also present, & riding in companie of the said heralds.

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