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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pl [...]ies and interludes forbidden for [...].The same time also was another proclamation made vnder the quéenes hand in writing, inhibiting, th [...]t from thensefoorth no plaies nor interludes should be exercised, till Alhallowes tide next insu|ing.The lord Wentworth arreigned and acquited. Upon saturdaie the two and twentith of Aprill, the lord Wentworth, late deputie of Calis, was a|reigned at Westminster, vpon an indictment of treason found against him, in the late queene Maries daies, for the losse of Calis: but he was acquited by his péeres, the lord marquesse of Northampton sit|ting that daie as cheefe steward of England, vnder the cloth of estate. The eight of Maie, the parlement brake vp; in which parlement, beside other things be|fore recited, concluded, and passed in the same; a sub|sidie was granted to the quéenes highnesse,A subsidie granted o [...] [...]ables [...]. of two shillings eight pence the pound of mooueable goods, and foure shillings of lands, to be paid at two seue|rall paiments, of euerie person spirituall and tem|porall, towards the better furnishing of hir maiestie with monie, for the necessarie charges which she was presentlie occasioned to susteine, finding the treasure of the realme greatlie consumed, and the reuenues of the crowne sore diminished, and the same crowne much indebted, by taking vp of notable summes of monie by waie of loane vpon interest, as well in the daies of hir brother K. Edward, as hir sister quéene Marie. The foureteenth of Maie being Whitsundaie, the seruice in churches began according to the booke of cõmon praier, set foorth and established in this last parlement, correspondent to that which was vsed in the daies of hir brother king Edward. Iohn Stow. A muster at Gréenwich by the citi|zens of Lon|don in pre|sence of the queene. Upon sundaie the second of Iulie, the citizens of London set foorth a muster before the quéenes maiestie at Greenwich in the parke there, of the number of 1400 men, where|of 800 were pikes, armed in fine corselets, foure hundred shot in shirts of male, with mor [...]ans, & two hundred halbarders armed in Almaine riuets: these were furnished foorth by the crafts and companies of the citie. To euerie hundred two wifflers were assig|ned, richlie appointed and apparelled for the purpose. There were also twelue wardens of the best compa|nies mounted on horssebacke in coats of blacke vel|uet, to conduct them, with drums and fiffes, and six ensignes, all in ierkins of white sattin of Bridges, cut and lined with blacke sarsenet, and caps, hosen, and scarfs according. The sergeant Maiors, capteine Constable, and capteine Sanders, brought them in order before the queenes presence, placing them in battell arraie, euen as they should haue fought; so as the shew was verie faire, the emperours and the French kings ambassadors being present.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In this moneth also, the archbishop of Yorke, the bishops of Elie, London, and others, to the number of thirtéene or fouretéene, being called before the quéenes councell, and refusing to receiue the oth tou|ching hir maiesties supremasie, and other articles, were depriued from their bishopricks: in whose roomes and places, first for cardinall Poole,Bishops de|priued and o|thers succée|ding. Iohn Fox. succée|ded doctor Matthew Parker, archbishop of Cantur|burie. In the place of Heth, succeeded doctor Yoong. In steed of Boner, Edmund Grindall was bishop of London. For Hopton, Thurlbie, Tunstall, Pates, Christoferson, Peto, Coats, Morgan, Feasie, White, Oglethorpe, &c: were placed doctor Iohn Parkhurst in Norwich, D. Cox in Elie, Iewell in Salisburie, Pilkenton in Duresme, doctor Sands in Worce|ster, master Downam in Westchester, Bentam in Couentrie and Lichfield, Dauid in S. Dauies, Allie in Excester, Horne in Winchester, Scorie in Here|ford, Best in Carleill, Bullingham in Lincolne, Scamler in Peterburie, Bartlet in Bath, Gest in Rochester, Barlow in Chichester, &c. In like maner, were diuerse deans, archdeacons, parsons, & vicars, remooued from their benefices, and some of them committed to prison in the Tower, Fléet, Marshal|sea, and Kings bench.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 Moreouer,Commissio|ners sent a|brode for esta|blishing of re|ligion. about the same time were commissio-appointed to visit in euerie diocesse within the relme, for the establishment of religion, according to the or|der appointed by act and statute, passed and confir|med in the last parlement. For London were appoin|ted sir Richard Sackuill knight, Robert Horne doctor of diuinitie, doctor Huic a ciuilian, and mai|ster Sauage; who calling before them diuerse per|sons of euerie parish, sware them to inquire and make presentment accordinglie, vpon certeine in|iunctions drawne and deuised, for the better accom|plishment and execution of that which they had in charge. Furthermore, about the same time, by vertue of an act established in parlement, all such religious houses as were againe erected and set vp, were now suppressed, as the abbeies of Westminster, the hou|ses of the nuns and brethren of the Sion and Shéene, the blacke friers of Gréenwich, &c. And on the twelfe of August being saturdaie,

Religious houses sup|pressed.

Images ta|ken downe and burned in the stréets.

the high altar in Paules church, with the rood & the images of Marie and Iohn, standing in the rood loft, were taken downe, & the pre|bendaries and petie canons commanded to weare no more their graie amises, but to vse onelie a sur|plice in seruice time. This was doone by comman|dement EEBO page image 1185 of doctor Grindall, newlie elect bishop of London, doctor Maie, then also newlie elected deane of Paules, and other the commissioners then appoin|ted.Diuerse po|pish relikes consumed to ashes. Also on the euen of saint Bartholomew, the day and morrow after, were burned in Paules church|yard, Cheapeside, and diuerse other places of the ci|tie of London, all the roods and other images of churches: and in some places, the coapes, vestments, and altar clothes, bookes, banners, sepulchers, and rood lofts, were likewise committed to the fier, and so consumed to ashes.

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