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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The stubur|nesse of the aduerse part an occasion to dissolue this assemblie.Wherevpon giuing such example of disorder, stub|bornesse and selfewill, as hath not béene séene and suffered in such an honourable assemblie, being of the two estates of this realme, the nobilitie and the commons, besides the presence of the quéenes maie|sties most honourable priuie councell, the same as|semblie was dismissed, and the godlie and most chri|stian purpose of the quéens maiestie made frustrate. And afterwards for the contempt so notoriouslie made, the bishops of Winchester and Lincolne, ha|uing most obstinatelie both disobeied common au|thoritie, and varied manifestlie from their owne or|der, and speciallie Lincolne (who shewed more fol|lie than the other) were condignelie committed to the tower of London, and the rest (sauing the abbat of Westminster) stood bound to make dailie their personall appéerance before the councell, and not to depart the citie of London and Westminster, vntill further order were taken with them for their disobe|dience and contempt.

The three propositions wherevpon conference was determined to haue beene at Westminster.

    Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3
  • 1 _IT is against the word of GOD, and the custome of the ancient church, to vse a toong vnknowne to the people, in common praier, and the administration of the sacraments.
  • 2 Euerie church hath authoritie to ap|point, take awaie, and change ceremonies and ecclesiasticall rites: so the same bee to edification.
  • 3 It cannot be prooued by the word of God, that there is in the masse offered vp a sacrifice propitiatorie for the quicke and the dead.

The names of such as had conference in the propositions aforesaid.

    Compare 1577 edition: 1
  • The B. of Winchester.
  • The bishop of Lichfield.
  • The bishop of Chester.
  • The bishop of Caerleill.
  • The bishop of Lincolne.
  • Doctor Cole.
  • Doctor Harpesfield.
  • Doctor Langdall.
  • Doctor Chedseie.
  • D. Scorie B. of Chiche.
  • Doctor Cox.
  • Maister Whitehed.
  • Maister Grindall.
  • Maister Horne.
  • Maister doctor Sands.
  • Maister Gest.
  • Maister Elmer.
  • Maister Iewell.

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