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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The child after he had ended his oration, kissed the paper wherein the same was written, & reached it to the quéenes maiestie, which receiued it grati|ouslie, both with words and countenance, declaring hir gratious mind toward their reliefe. From thence hir grace came to Temple bar,Temple bar [...] with Gogmagog, & [...] giants. which was dressed finelie with the two images of Gogmagog the Al|bion, & Corineus the Briton, two giants, big in sta|ture, furnished accordinglie, which held in their hands aboue the gate, a table, wherein was written in La|tine verses the effect of all the pageant which the citie before had erected, which verses were these insuing:

Ecce sub aspectu iam contemplaberis vno
(O princeps populi sola columna tui)
Quicquid in immensa passim perspexeris vrbe,Quinque arcu [...] quam significa|tionem implici|ta [...] tenean [...].
Quae cepere omnes vnus hic arcus habet.
Primus te solio regni donauit auiti,
Haeres quippe tui ver a parentis eras.
Suppressis vitijs, domina virtute. Secundus,
Firmauit sedem regia virgo tuam.
Tertius ex omni posuit te parte beatam,
Si, qua caepisti pergere velle, velis.
Quarto quid verum, respublica lapsa quid esset,
Quae florens staret te docuere tui.
Quinto magnu loco monuit te Debora missam
Coelitùs, in regni gaudia long a tui.
Perge ergo regina, tuaespes vnica gentis,
Haec postrema vrbis suscipe vota tuae.
Viue diu, regná diu, virtutibus orna
Rem patriam, & populi spem tueare tui.
Sic ô sic petitur coelum, sic itur in astra:
Hoc virtutis opus, caetera mortis erunt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Which verses were also written in English mée|ter, in a lesse table as hereafter plainelie followeth:

Behold here in one view,
thou maist see all that plaine,
O princesse vnto this
thy people th'onlie staie:
What each where thou hast seene
in this wide towne, againe,
This one arch whatsoeuer
the rest conteind, dooth saie.
The first arch as true heire
vnto thy father deere, What the ar|ches signifie.
Did set thee in thy throne
where thy grandfather sat.
The second did confirme
thy seat as princesse heere,
Vertues now bearing swaie,
and vices bet downe flat.
The third, if that thou wouldst
go on as thou began,
Declared thee to be
blessed on euerie side.
The fourth did open truth,
and also taught thee whan
The commonweale stood well,
and when it did thence slide.
The fift, as Debora
declard thee to be sent
From heauen, a long comfort
to vs thy subiects all.
Therefore go on ô queene,
on whom our hope is bent,
And take with thee this wish
of thy towne as finall.
Liue long, and as long reigne,
adorning thy countrie
With vertues, and mainteine
thy peoples hope of thee.
For thus, thus heauen is woone,
thus must thou perse the skie,
This is by vertue wrought,
all other needs must die

Compare 1577 edition: 1 On the southside was appointed by the citie a noise of singing children, and one child richlie attired as a poet, which gaue the queenes maiestie hir farewell in the name of the whole citie by these sweet words:

As at thine entrance first, The cities farewell to the quéene going out at Temple barre.
ô prince of high renowne,
Thou wast presented with
toongs and hearts for thy faier:
EEBO page image 1179So now sith thou must needs
depart out of this towne,
This citie sendeth thee
firme hope and earnest praier.
For all men hope in thee,
that all vertues shall raine,
For all men hope that thou
none error wilt support,
For all men hope that thou
wilt truth restore againe,
And mend that is amisse,
to all good mens comfort.
And for this hope they praie,
thou maist continue long,
Our queene amongst vs here,
all vice for to supplant,
And for this hope they praie,
that God maie make thee strong,
As by his grace puissant,
So in his truth constant.
Farewell ô worthie queene,
and as our hope is sure,
That into errors place,
thou wilt now truth restore:
So trust we that thou wilt
our souereigne queene endure,
And louing ladie stand,
from hensefoorth euermore.

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