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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Which the quéenes maiestie most attentiuelie hearkened vnto. And when the child had pronounced, he did kisse the oration which he had there faire writ|ten in paper, and deliuered it vnto the quéenes maie|stie, which most gentlie receiued the same. And when the quéenes maiestie had heard all that was there of|fered to be spoken, then hir grace marched toward Ludgate, where she was receiued with a noise of in|struments, the fore front of the gate being finelie trimmed vp against hir maiesties comming.The quéenes maiestie con|sidered the ci|ties charge. From thence by the way as she went downe toward Fleet|bridge, one about hir grace noted the cities charge, that there was no cost spared. Hir grace answered, that she did well consider the same, and that it should be remembred. An honorable answer, worthie a no|ble prince, which may comfort all hir subiects, consi|dering that there can be no point of gentlenesse, or obedient loue shewed towards hir grace, which she doth not most tenderlie accept, and gratiouslie weie. In this maner, the people on euerie side reioising, hir grace went forward towards the conduit in Fléetstréet, where was the fift and last pageant ere|cted in forme following.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 From the conduit, which was beautified with painting, vnto the northside of the stréet was erected a stage, imbatteled with foure towers,A pagent in Fléetstréet de|scribed. and in the same a square plat rising with degrées; and vpon the vppermost degrée was placed a chaire, or seat roiall, and behind the same seat, in curious artificiall ma|ner was erected a trée of reasonable heigth, and so farre aduanced aboue the seat, as it did well and seemelie shadow the same, without indamaging the sight of anie part of the pageant: and the same trée was beautified with leaues as gréene as art could deuise, being of a conuenient greatnesse, and contei|ning therevpon the fruit of the date. And on the top of the same tree in a table was set the name thereof, which was a palme tree, and in the aforesaid seat or chaire was placed Alluding to the quéenes maiestie no doubt. a séemelie and meet personage richlie apparelled in parlement robes, with a scepter in hir hand, as a queene, crowned with an open crowne, whose name and title was in a table fixed o|uer hir head, in this sort: Debora the iudge and re|storer of the house of Israell: Iudic. 4. And the other degrees on either side were furnished with six perso|nages, two representing the nobilitie, two the clear|gie, & two the communaltie. And before these perso|nages was written in a table: Debora with hir e|stats consulting for the good gouernment of Israell. At the féet of these, and the lowest part of the pageant was ordeined a conuenient roome for a child to open the meaning of the pageant.How willing the quéene was to heare the child speake. When the quéenes maiestie drew neare vnto this pageant, and per|ceiued, as in the other, the child readie to speake; hir grace required silence, and commanded hir chariot to be remooued nigher, that she might plainlie heare the child speake, which said as hereafter followeth:

Iabin of Canaan king,
had long by force of armes
Opprest the Israelites,
which for Gods people went:
But God minding at last
for to redresse their harmes,
The worthie Debora
as iudge among them sent.
In warre she through Gods aid,
did put hir foes to flight,
EEBO page image 1178And with the dint ofsword
the band of bondage brast.
In peace she, through Gods aid,
did alwaie mainteine right,
And iudged Israell
till fortie yeares were past.
A worthie president,
ô worthie queene thou hast,
A worthie woman iudge,
a woman sent for staie:
And that the like to vs
indure alwaie thou maist,
Thy louing subiects will
with true harts and toongs praie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Which verses were written vpon the pageant, & the same in Latin also fixed in the face of the people:

Quando Dei populum Canaan, rex pressit Iaben,
Mittitur à magno Debora magna Deo:
Quae populum eriperet, sanctum seruaret Iudan,
Milite quae patrìo frangeret hostis opes.
Haec Domino mandante Deo lectissima fecit
Faemina, & aduersos contudit ense viros.
Haec quater denos populum correxerat anno [...]
Iudicio, bello strenua, pace grauis:
Sic, ô sic populum bellóque & pace guberna,
Debora sis Anglis Elisabetha tuis.

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