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Compare 1577 edition: 1 And for that he was a man of excellent learning, vertue, and humanitie, the archbishop of Can|turburie Iohn Morton so commended him to the king,Adrian an I|talian made bishop of He|reford, and af|ter of Bath and Welles. that he made him first bishop of Hereford, and shortlie after, that resigned and giuen ouer, he pro|moted him to the bishoprike of Bath and Welles. And after that with these honors he was returned to Rome, he was aduanced by all the degrées of spiri|tuall dignities into the college of the cardinals. And wor [...]hie sure he was of great preferment, for by his meanes, learned men were mooued to séeke out the vse of eloquent writing and speaking in the Latine toong, he being the first in the time of our fathers that taught the trade to choose and vse apt words and fit termes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 1490 Anno Reg. 6.In the sixt yeare of king Henries reigne there came ambassadors to him from the French king the lord Francis of Lutzenburgh,Ambassadors from ye Frẽch king to the king of Eng|land. Charles Marignane, and Robert Gaguine minister of the Bonnehom|mes of the trinitie. The effect of their comming was to haue concluded a peace with king Henrie, and that with good will the French king might dispose of the mariage of the yoong duchesse of Britaine, as he should thinke good; and to make void the contract and former mariage, which by proxie the deputie of Maxi|milian king of Romans had before time contracted & made with hir. But thereto would not king Henrie giue his consent, euer harping on this string, that the maiden being once lawfullie combined in matrimo|nie with Maximilian, ought not to be compelled a|gainst hir will and promise (yea and contrarie to all law, right and equitie) to take anie other person than him to hir spouse and husband.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 [...]. Henrie is [...] that the French king should marrie the duchesse of Britaine.In deed king Henrie was loth that the French king should marrie the duchesse of Britaine himselfe (as he perceiued his meaning was) and so some the duchie of Britaine to the crowne of France: and therefore he did what he could to hinder that bar|gaine. Yet at length it was agréed that a forme of a league should be drawen with conditions, clauses, and couenants. And for full concluding of the same, it was thought expedient, that the king of England should send ambassadors to the French king to finish all matters betwixt them. Wherevpon the French ambassadors being dismissed with great rewards, streightwaies Thomas erle of Ormond, and Tho|mas Goldenston prior of Christes church in Cantur|burie, were appointed by the king to follow them in|to France, instructed fullie in althings that he would haue on his behalfe either moued or determined.

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