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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In this meane space,Lionell bishop of Concordia sent from the pope to the French king. Lionell the bishop of Con|cordia was sent as oratour from pope Alexander the sixt to the French king for certeine matters: and a|mongst other things, he had in charge to conclude a peace and vnitie betwixt the French king and the king of England. He moouing this matter to the French king, found him nothing strange to incline to his motion. Wherevpon the bishop of Concordia conceiuing good hope, and therewith desirous (as be|came him best bearing that title) to set an attone|ment betwixt those two kings, tooke his iournie to|wards England, to the intent he might mooue king Henrie to be agréeable therevnto, and so comming to Calis, found the English ambassadors there, be|ing so farre on their waie towards the French king; and being honorablie receiued of them into that towne, after they had communed togither, the bishop tooke the sea, and was transported ouer into Eng|land, and the ambassadors departed towards the French king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After the bishop of Concordia had talked with king Henrie, and perceiued that (vpon reasonable conditions) he could be content to conclude a peace with all christian princes, and to liue in rest after so manie troubles afore time susteined, the said bishop returned backe into France to sollicit this purpose to some perfect conclusion. But the Frenchmen so handled the matter, that whilest they outwardlie shewed how they desired nothing but fréendship and amitie,The duchesse of Britaine maried to K. Charles. they allured the yoong dutchesse of Britaine to submit hirselfe wholie to their discretion, so that shortlie after she was maried to king Charles. Now the English ambassadors, after they perceiued which waie the wind would bl [...]w, returned againe to their countrie, and nothing doone or agreed vpon in their matter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie sore troubled in his mind therwith, determining no more with peaceable messages, but with open warre to determine all controuersies be|twixt him and the French king, called his high court of parlement,A parlement wherin king Henrie ope|neth the iust cause of ma|king warres against France. and there declared the cause why hée was iustlie prouoked to make warre against the Frenchmen: and therefore desired them of their be|neuolent aid of men and monie toward the mainte|nance therof. The cause was so iust, that euerie man allowed it; and to the setting foorth of the war taken in hand for so necessarie an occasion, euerie man pro|mised his helping hand. The king commended them for their true and faithfull hearts. And to the intent that he might spare the poorer sort of the common [...] (whome he euer desired to kéepe in fauor) he thought good first to exact monie of the richest sort by waie of a beneuolence.

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