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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The Englishmen tooke their ordinance and sent it to Newport, with all the spoile and great horsses. And by the waie hearing certeine Frenchmen to be at Ostend, they made thitherward: but the French|men fled, and so they burned part of the towne, and came againe to Newport, where the lord Daubeneie left all the Englishmen that were hurt and returned to Calis, where he buried the bodie of the lord Mor|leie. The Englishmen got great riches at this field, for they that went foorth in cloth, came home in silke,The Eng [...] souldiers in|riched. and those that went out on foot, came home on great horsses. The lord Cordes being at Ipre with twentie thousand men, was sore displeased with this ouer|throw; & therefore thinking to be reuenged, besieged the EEBO page image 771 towne of Newport right stronglie,Newport be| [...]ged by the Frenchmen. and shot dailie at the wals, breaking them in manie places.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But the Englishmen that were hurt at Dixmew field before, and might either stand or draw bowe, ne|uer came from the wals. On a daie the Frenchmen gaue a great assault to a tower, and perforce entered it, and set vp the banner of the lord Cordes. But sée the chance! During the time of the assault, there arri|ued a barke with foure score fresh English archers, which came streight to the tower, and did so much, that what with the helpe of such as before were wounded and hurtmen, and of the couragious harts of the new come archers incouraged greatlie by the women of the towne,English archers. crieng; Shoot Englishmen, shoot: the tower was regained out of the Frenchmens hands, and the banner of the lord Cordes rent in péeces, and in place thereof the penon of saint George set vp. Then the Frenchmen, supposing a great aid of Eng|lishmen to haue béene come to the towne by sea, left the assault.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The malici|ous and foolish words of the lord Cordes.And the night following, the enuious lord Cordes (which so sore longed for Calis, that he would com|monlie saie, that he could be content to lie seuen yeares in hell, so that Calis were in possession of the Frenchmen) brake vp his siege, and returned to Hel|ding with shame. And the Englishmen glad of this victorie returned to Calis.Iames king of Scots slaine by his [...]wne subiects. This yeare Iames the third of that name king of Scots was slaine by his owne subiects, after they had vanquished him in a pigh [...] field. About the same time one Adrian an Ita|lian was sent in ambassage from pope Innocent the eight into Scotland, to haue taken vp the variance betwixt the king there and his people. But being ar|riued here in England, he was informed that king Iames was slaine, and therfore taried here certeine moneths.

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