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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The duke of Summerset séeing this vnfortunate chance, as some write, turned to the midle-ward, and there finding the lord Wenlocke standing still, after he had reuiled him,A terrible stroke and called him traitor, with his ax he stroke the braines out of his head. The duke of Glocester pursuing after them that fled with the duke of Summerset to their campe, where the rest of their armie stood, entred the trench, and after him the king, where he bare himselfe so knightlie, that therevpon the queenes part went to wracke, and was put to flight; the king and other falling in chase after them, so that manie were slaine, but especiallie at a mill in the meadow fast by the towne a great sort were drowned. Manie ran towards the towne, some to the church, and diuerse to the abbeie, and other to other places, where they thought best to saue them|selues. [This was the last fought field or pight bat|tell tried betwéene the potentats of this land in king Edward the fourths daies (which chanced on the fourth of Maie, Abr. Flem. being saturdaie, in the eleauenth yeare of his reigne, and in the yeare of our Lord, 1471) as Anglorum praelia affirmeth, saieng:

Vltima postremae locus est Teuxburia pugnae.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Edw. Hall. Prince Ed|ward taken.In the winning of the campe, such as stood to it were slaine out of hand Prince Edward was taken as he fled towards the towne, by sir Richard Crofts, and kept close. In the field and chase were slaine,Nobles [...] the lord Iohn of Summerset, called marquesse Dorset, Thomas Courtenie earle of Deuonshire, sir Iohn Delues, sir Edward Hampden, sir Robert Whiting|ham, and sir Iohn Leukener, with thrée thousand o|thers. After the field was ended, proclamation was made, that whosoeuer could bring foorth prince Ed|ward aliue or dead, should haue an annuitie of a hun|dred pounds during his life, and the princes life to be saued, if he were brought foorth aliue.Sir Richard Crofts deli|uereth the prince in hope that his life should haue béene saued. Sir Richard Crofts, nothing mistrusting the kings promise, brought foorth his prisoner prince Edward, being a faire and well proportioned yoong gentleman; whom when king Edward had well aduised, he demanded of him, how he durst so presumptuouslie enter into his realme with banner displaied.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherevnto the prince boldlie answered, saieng;

To recouer my fathers kingdome & heritage, from his father and grandfather to him, and from him af|ter him to me lineallie descended.
At which words king Edward said nothing,Prince Ed|ward mur|thered. but with his hand thrust him from him, or (as some saie) stroke him with his gantlet; whom incontinentlie, George duke of Cla|rence, Richard duke of Glocester, Thomas Greie marquesse Dorcet, and William lord Hastings that stood by, suddenlie murthered: for the which cruell act, the more part of the dooers in their latter daies dranke of the like cup, by the righteous iustice and due punishment of God. His bodie was homelie in|terred with the other simple corpses, in the church of the monasterie of blacke monks in Teukesburie.

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