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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After the victorie was thus atchiued, the king re|paired to the abbeie church there, to giue God thanks for that good successe, which it had pleased him to blesse him with: and there finding a great number of his enimies, that were fled thither to saue them|selues, he gaue them all his free pardon; albeit there was no franchise there for rebels, but that he might haue commanded them to haue béene drawen foorth without breach of anie liberties of that church. He granted also that the dead bodies, as well of the lords as other, slaine in that battell, might be buried in the same church, or else where it pleased their freends or seruants, without anie quartering & hea|ding, or setting vp the heads or quarters in any pub|like places. [O the patience and clemencie of this good king, who (besides the putting vp of wrongs doone to him by violence of foes without vengeance) fréelie forgaue the offendors, and did so honorablie temper his affections!]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There were found in the abbeie and other places of the towne, Edmund duke of Summerset, Iohn Lonstrother lord prior of S. Iohn, sir Thomas Tres|sham, sir Gerueis Clifton, and diuerse other knights and esquiers, which were apprehended, and all of them being brought before the duke of Glocester, sitting as constable of England, and the duke of Norf|folke, as marshall in the middest of the towne, they were arreigned, condemned, and iudged to die;The duke of Summerset & others behea|ded. and so vpon the tuesdaie, being the seuenth of Maie, the said duke and the lord prior, with the two forenamed knights, and twelue other knights, were on a scaf|fold, set vp in the middle of the towne for that pur|pose, beheaded, and permitted to be buried, without anie other dismembring, or setting vp of their heads in anie one place or other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The same tuesdaie; the king departed from Teu|kesburie towards Worcester, and by the waie had knowledge that quéene Margaret was found in a poore house of religion, not far from thence,Queéne M [...]garet taken. into the which she was withdrawen for safegard of hir selfe, on saturdaie in the morning, being the daie of the battell. She was after brought to London as priso|ner, EEBO page image 689 and so kept, till hir father ransomed hir with great summes of monie, which he borowed of Lewes the eleuenth king of France. And bicause he was not able to make repaiment thereof, he sold vnto the said Lewes (as the French writers affirme) the king|domes of Naples, and both the Sicils, with the coun|tie of Prouance. King Edward being at Worce|ster, had aduertisements brought foorth of the north|parts, that the people there were about to assemble in armour against him, in fauour of king Henrie: wherevpon he left the right way to London, and rode to Couentrie, meaning to increase the number of his people, and so with a puissant armie to go north|wards.

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