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¶On the eightéenth of Iune, Margaret sister to K. Edward the fourth began hir iornie from the Ward|robe in London, Abr. Fl. ex I. S. pag. 719, 720. in Quart. toward hir marriage with Charles duke of Burgognie: first the offered in the church of saint Paule, and then rode thorough the citie, the earle of Warwike riding before hir, with earles and barons a great number; the duchesse of Norffolke, with other ladies and gentlewomen in great num|ber. And at hir entrie into Cheape, the maior of Lon|don and his brethren the aldermen presented hir with a paire of rich basons, & in them an hundred pounds of gold, and that night she lodged at the abbeie of Stratford, where the king then laie: from thense she tooke hir iournie to Canturburie.

The king riding after to sée hir shipping, on the first of Iulie, she tooke the sea at Margate, and there tooke leaue of the king hir brother, and depar|ted. There returned backe againe with the king, the duke of Clarence, the duke of Glocester, the earles of Warwike, Shrewesburie, and Northum|berland. And there abode with hir in the ship, the lord Scales, the lord Dacres hir chamberlaine, sir Iohn Wooduile, sir Iohn Howard, and manie other fa|mous knights and esquiers. She was shipped in the new Ellen of London, and in hir nauie the Iohn of Newcastell, the Marie of Salisburie, and ma|nie other roiall ships, and on the morrow landed at Sluis in Flanders. Now as soone as hir ship & com|panie of ships were entered into the hauen, there re|ceiued hir sir Simon de Lelein and the water bai|liffe, in diuerse boats and barks apparelled readie for hir landing.

The first estate that receiued hir was the bishop of Utright well accompanied, and the countesse of Shorne bastard daughter to duke Philip of Burgo|gnie, and with hir manie ladies and gentlewomen; and so procéeding in at the gate of the towne, the same towne was presented to hir, she to be soue|reigne ladie thereof: also they gaue to hir twelue marks of gold Troie weight, the which was two hundred pounds of English monie: and so procéeded thorough the towne to hir lodging, euerie housholder EEBO page image 670 standing in the street with a torch in his hand bur|ning. On the morow the old duchesse of Burgognie came to hir, accompanied with manie great estates. On the third of Iulie came the duke of Burgognie to Sluis, with twentie persons secretlie, and was there openlie affianced to the ladie Margaret, by the bishop of Salisburie and the lord Scales, in pre|sence of the lord Dacres, the duchesse of Norffolke, the ladie Scales, and all the knights & esquiers; gentle|women inuironing the chamber.

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