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On the 8 of Iulie (being saturdaie) by the duke of Burgognies appointment, the lady Margaret remo|ued by water to the Dame. And on the sunday in the morning betwixt fiue and six of the clocke, the ma|riage was solemnized betwixt them, by the bishops of Salisburie and of Turneie; there being present the old duches of Burgognie, the lord Scales, the lord Dacres, with the knights, esquiers, ladies & gentle|women that came out of England. The great tri|umphs, feastings, shewes of pageants, with other strange deuises, and iustings, were such as I haue not read the like, and would be ouer long in this place to set downe.

Abr. Fl. ¶Of this aliance with other more mention is hono|rablie made in the Giuen at Richmont on the first of October, An. Dom. 1585. & Anno Reg. 27. declaration of the causes that mo|ued the Quéene of England to giue aid to the defense of the people afflicted & oppressed in the low countries, by the Spaniards, namelie for the maintenance of perpetuall amitie. Which declaration is so set foorth in this booke, as the same in the seuen and twentith yeare of hir maiesties reigne was published: vnto which yeare I remit the reader (for the further search thereof) for that it conteineth much memorable mat|ter, touching the manifest causes of concord to be continued betwéene them of the low countries and vs English.]

Sir Thomas Cooke late maior of London, was by one named Hawkins appeached of treason, Fabian. 497. Sir Tho|mas Cooke. for the which he was sent to the Tower, and his place with|in London seized by the lord Riuers, and his wife and seruants cleerelie put out therof. The cause was this. The forenamed Hawkins came vpon a season vnto the said sir Thomas, requesting him to lend a thou|sand markes vpon good suertie, wherevnto he answe|red, that first he would know for whome it should be and for what intent.

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