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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The morow after, the two noblemen came into the field on foot, with two polaxes, and fought vali|antlie: but at the last, the point of the polax of the lord Scales happened to enter into the sight of the bastards helme, and by fine force might haue plucked him on his knees: the king suddenlie cast downe his warder, and then the marshals them seuered. The ba|stard not content with this chance, and trusting on the cunning which he had at the polax, required the king of iustice, that he might performe his enter|prise. The lord Scales refused it not, but the king said, he would aske counsell: and so calling to him the constable, and the marshall, with the officers of armes, after consultation had, and the lawes of armes rehearsed, it was declared for a sentence de|finitiue,The law of armes. by the duke of Clarence, then constable of England, and the duke of Norffolke, then mar|shall; that if he would go forward with his at|tempted challenge, he must by the law of armes be deliuered to his aduersarie, in the same state and like condition as he stood when he was taken from him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The bastard hearing this iudgement, doubted the sequele of the matter; and so relinquished his challenge. Other challenges were doone, and vali|antlie atchiued by the Englishmen, which I passe o|uer.The death of the duke of Burgognie. Shortlie after came sorowfull tidings to the ba|stard, that his father duke Philip was dead, who there|vpon taking his leaue of king Edward, and of his sister the new duchesse of Burgognie, liberallie re|warded with plate and iewels, with all spéed retur|ned to his brother the new duke, who was not a little glad of the contract made for him with the said ladie, as after well appeared. In this same yeare, king Ed|ward, more for the loue of the marques Montacute,George Ne|uill archbi|shop of Yorke. than for anie fauour he bare to the earle of War|wike, promoted George Neuill their brother to the archbishoprike of Yorke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Charles duke of Burgognie,1468. Anno Reg. 8. reioising that he had so well sped, for conclusion of marriage with king Edwards sister, was verie desirous to sée hir, of whome he had heard so great praise, & wrote to king Edward, requiring him to send his sister ouer vnto him, according to the couenants passed betwixt them. King Edward being not slacke in this mat|ter, appointed the dukes of Excester and Suffolke, with their wiues, being both sisters to the ladie Mar|garet, to attend hir, till she came to hir husband. And so after that ships, and all other necessarie prouisions were readie, they being accompanied with a great sort of lords and ladies, and others, to the number of fiue hundred horsse,The ladie Margaret sister to king Edward, sent ouer to the duke of Burgognie. in the beginning of Iune depar|ted out of London to Douer, and so sailed to Sluis, and from thense was conueied to Bruges, where the marriage was solemnized betwixt the duke and hir, with great triumphs, & princelie feastings. Tou|ching the pompe had and vsed at the setting forward of this ladie on hir voiage it is a note worth the rea|ding; and therefore necessarilie here interlaced for honours sake.

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