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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Stow, a monke of Norwich, but student in Oxenford, where he procéeded doctor of diuinitie; Thomas Langleie, a monke of Hulme; Nicholas Bungeie, borne in a towne of Norffolke of that name, wrote an historie, called Adunationes chronico|rum; Henrie Beauford bishop of Winchester, base sonne to Iohn duke of Lancaster, of whome before we haue made sufficient mention, made cardinall by pope Martine the fourth, in the yeare 1426; A|dam Homlington, a Carmelit frier; William Coppinger, maister of the vniuersitie of Oxenford; Thomas Stacie, an expert mathematician, and no lesse skilfull in astronomie; Iohn Talaugerne, a moonke of Worcester; William Sutton, an astro|logian; Robert Balsacke, wrote a booke intituled De re militari, that is to saie, of warre or chiualrie, so that (as is thought) he was both a good souldier, and a painefull student of good letters.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thomas Dando, a Carmelit frier of Marle|burgh, he wrote the life of Alphred king of west Sa|xons; William Graie, borne of the noble house of the Graies of Codnor, he went to atteine to some excellencie of learning in Italie, where he heard that noble clearke Guarinus Ueronensis read in Ferrara, he was preferred to the bishoprike of E|lie, in the yéere 1454, by pope Nicholas the fift, when Thomas Bourchier was translated from thense to Canturburie; Iohn Kempe, archbishop of Yorke, and after remooued from thense to Canturburie (as before ye haue heard) he was made cardinall of S. Albin, by pope Eugenie the fourth; Adam Molins (as Bale calleth him) kéeper of the kings priuie seale, excellentlie learned, in time of the ciuill warre be|twixt king Henrie, and the duke of Yorke, in which he lost his head.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thomas Chillenden, a doctor both of the law ciuill and canon, became at length a moonke in Cantur|burie; Robert Bale, surnamed the elder, excellent|lie learned in the lawes of the realme, recorder of London, gathered as it were a chronicle of the cu|stomes, lawes, foundations, changes, restoring ma|gistrats, offices, orders, and publike assemblies of the citie of London, with other matters, touching the perfect description of the same citie; he wrote o|ther works also touching the state of the same citie, and the acts of king Edward the third; he departed this life in the yeare of our Lord 1461, euen about the beginning of the reigne of king Edward the fourth, vnto whome we will now againe returne.

Thus farre the tragicall historie of Henrie the sixt depriued of his roialtie.

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