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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Lidgate, a monke of Burie, an excellent poet, and chiefe in his time in that facultie, of all o|ther that practised the same within this land, he tra|uelled thorough France and Italie to learne the lan|guages and sciences, how greatlie he profited in at|teining to knowledge, the workes which he wrote doo sufficientlie testifie; Nicholas Hostresham, an ex|cellent physician; Iohn Blackeneie, a religious man, of the order of the Trinitie intituled, De redemptione captiuorum, and prior of an house of the same order, at Ingham in Norffolke, he was surnamed Blacke|neie, of the towne where he was borne; Thomas Beckington, bishop of Bath, wrote against the law Salique, by which law the Frenchmen would se|clude the princes of this realme from their title vnto the crowne of France; Iohn Baringham a Car|melite frier of Gippeswich in Suffolke; Dauid Bois, borne in Wales, and a frier Carmelit, pro|fessed EEBO page image 663 in Glocester, a doctor of diuinitie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Brome, an Augustine frier; Michaell Tri|gurie, a Cornishman borne, whome for his excellen|cie and learning, king Henrie the fift appointed to be gouernour of that schoole or vniuersitie, which he instituted in the citie of Caen in Normandie, after he had brought it vnder his subiection; Iohn Amun|disham, a moonke of saint Albons; Oswald Angli|cus, a moonke of the Chartreux order; Iohn Kening|ale, a Carmelit frier of Norwich; Peter De sancta fide, a Carmelit also of Norwich; Reginald Pe|cocke, bishop of Chichester, of whome ye haue heard before, he was borne in Wales, and student in O|riall college in Oxenford, where he procéeded doctor of diuinitie, he wrote manie treatises touching the christian religion; Iohn surnamed Burie of the towne where he was borne, an Augustine frier in the towne of Clare in Suffolke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Robert Fleming, a man perfect in the Gréeke and Latine toong [among whose works some haue béene séene vnder these titles: namelie, Lucubratio|num Tiburtinarm lib. 1. a dictionarie in Gréeke and La|tine, and a worke in verse of sundrie kinds, this man was of most fame in the yeare of our Lord 1470, which was in the tenth yeare of Edward the fourth, though he were not obscure also in the daies of this Henrie the sixt;] Thomas Gascoigne, borne at Hun|fléete in Yorkeshire, of that worshipfull familie of the Gascoignes there, a doctor of diuinitie, and chancel|lor of the vniuersitie of Oxenford; William Sta|pilhart, borne in Kent, but by profession a white frier in London; Robert Fimingham borne in Norffolke a Franciscan frier in Norwich; Nicholas Monta|cute, an historiographer; Iohn Chandler, chancellor of Welles; William Botoner, descended of a good house, a knight by degrée, and borne in Bristow, ve|rie studious in antiquities, and other sciences.

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