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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Felton, a doctor of diuinitie of Madgdalen college in Oxenford; Nicholas Botlesham, a Car|melit frier borne in Cambridgeshire, and student first in the vniuersitie of Cambridge, and after in Paris, where he proceeded doctor of diuinitie; Tho|mas Rudburne, a monke of Winchester, and an hi|storiographer; Iohn Holbrooke, borne in Surrie, a great philosopher, and well séene in the mathematiks; Peter Paine, an earnest professor of Wickliffes doctrine, and fearing persecution here in England, fled into Boheme, where he remained in great esti|mation for his great learning & no lesse wisedome; Nicholas Upton, a ciuilian, wrote of heraldrie, of colours in armorie, and of the dutie of chiualrie; William Beckeleie, a Carmelit frier of Sand|wich, & warden of the house there, a diuine, and pro|fessed degree of schoole in Cambridge; Iohn Torpe, a Carmelit frier of Norwich.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Capgraue borne in Kent, and Augustine frier, procéeded doctor of diuinitie in Oxenford, was admitted prouinciall of his order, and prooued (with|out controuersie) the best learned of anie of that or|der of friers here in England, as Iohn Bale affir|meth, he wrote manie notable volumes, and final|lie departed this life at Lin in Norffolke, the twelfth of August, in the yere 1464, which was in the fourth yeare of king Edward the fourth; Hum [...]rie duke of Glocester, earle of Penbroke, and lord chamberlaine of England, also protector of the realme, during the minoritie of his nephue king Henrie the sixt, was both a great fauourer of learned men, and also verie well learned himselfe, namelie in astrologie, where|of (beside other things) he wrote a speciall treatise in|tituled, Tabula directionum.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Whethamsted, otherwise called Frumenta|rius, was abbat of saint Albons, and highlie in fa|uor with the good duke of Glocester last remembred, he wrote diuerse treatises, and among others, a booke as it were of the records of things, chancing whilest he was abbat, which booke I haue séene, and partlie in some parcell of this kings time haue also follow|ed; Roger Onleie, borne in the west countrie (as Bale thinketh) was accused of treason, for practising with the ladie Eleanor Cobham, by sorcerie to make the king awaie, and was thereof condemned, and died for it, though he were innocent thereof, as some haue thought, he wrote a treatise intituled, Contra vulgi superstitiones, also another De sua innocentia; Ni|cholas Cantlow, a Welshman borne, descended of an ancient familie in Southwales, as by Bale it should appeare, he became a frier Carmelit in Bri|stow; Henrie Wichingham, a Carmelit frier of Norwich, a notable diuine, a great preacher, and wrote also sundrie treatises of diuinitie.

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