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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Among so manie good chances, some euill are ac|customed to happen,An insurrec|tion in Nor|mandie. or else the gainers would not know themselues. And so at this time it happened, that a great number of the common and rusticall people in Normandie dwelling by the sea coast, ei|ther prouoked by the French king, or desirous of al|teration and change (which thing the commons much couet and desire) made an insurrection, put on har|nesse, and by force expelled certeine English garri|sons out of their holds, publishing and proclaming openlie, that their onelie purpose and intent was to expell and banish the whole English nation out of their countries and coasts. Wherefore it maie be likelie, that the blacke Morian will sooner became white, than the people bred in France will heartilie loue an English borne. For it standeth not with their enuious nature to alter their malicious ma|ners; as the old prouerbe saith truelie of them:

Celtica natura semper sequitur sua iura.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 These rebels thus frantikelie assembled, with all spéed marched toward Caen, to the intent there both to increase their number, and also to consult what waie they should follow in their new begun enter|prise. But the dukes of Yorke and Summerset, then lieng in Normandie, hauing perfect knowledge here|of, immediatlie sent foorth the earle of Arundell, and the lord Willoughbie with six thousand archers, and thirtéene hundred light horssemen, to staie and kéepe them from making anie further progresse. The earle of Arundell appointed the lord Willoughbie, with two thousand archers, and certeine horssemen to go afore him, and lie in a stale within some couert place. Which doone, the earle followed; & so keeping in the multitude at the backe, droue them before him as deare into a buckestale: and when the miserable wretches came néere to the stale, the earle made a to|ken, whereat a gun shot off for a signe. Therewith the lord Willoughbie set on them before, and the earle behind, shooting so fiercelie, that the poore cai|tiues, wounded and galled with the shot of arrowes, threw awaie their harnesse, and cried out instantlie for mercie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The earle of Arundell mooued with compassion, caused his souldiers to staie from further slaughter, and apprehending those that were knowen to be stir|rers and leaders of the rest, let the other returne home without further damage: but yet, yer the soul|diers could be brought backe vnder their standards, there were aboue a thousand of the rebels slaine. And this commotion thus appeased, vpon inquirie of the principall offendors, such as were found guiltie were put to terrible executions; as they had well de|serued. During which rebellion, Peter Rokeford and his companie gat by treason the towne of Diepe, and diuerse other holds thereto adioining. After the earle of Arundell had obteined so good successe in his enterprises (as partlie ye haue heard) he attempted another, which was the last worke and finall labour of his liuing daies. For the duke of Bedford, being informed that his aduersaries had gotten the towne of Rue, and therein put a garrison, which sore vexed the countries of Ponthieu, Arthois, and Bolennois, sent word to the earle that he without delaie should besiege the said towne.

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