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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The earle obeieng his commandement assembled his people, and came to Gourneie, where he heard tell how there was a castell néere to Beauuois called Gerberoie, the which being fallen in decaie, Charles the French king had appointed sir Stephan de Uig|noils, commonlie called the Hire, to repare and newlie to fortifie, bicause it stood commodiouslie to serue as a countergarrison against the English townes and fortresses on those frontiers. The earle aduertised hereof, and perceiuing that this new buil|ding would be greatlie preiudiciall to the English|men, determined first to dispossesse his enimies of that place, supposing to find small resistance: but he EEBO page image 610 was deceiued. For there was the said Hire, and three thousand men of warre with him. The erle comming thither, incamped himselfe with fiue hundred horsse|men in a little close not farre from the castell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The Frenchmen, perceiuing that the earle and his horsses were wearie, and that his archers were not yet come, determined to set vpon him before the com|ming of his footmen, the which they knew to be little more than a mile behind. Wherfore for a policie, they set foorth fiftie horssemen, as though there had beene no mo within the castell. The earle perceiuing this, sent foorth sir Randolfe Standish to incounter them, hauing with him an hundred horsses. The French|men fought couragiouslie awhile, and suddenlie came out all the remnant, and slue sir Randolfe Standish and all his companie, and boldlie set on the earle and his band, which manfullie resisted the Frenchmen, till at length the Hire caused thrée culuerings to be shot off amongst the Englishmen, wherof one strake the earle on the ancle, and so brake his leg, that for paine he fell from his horsse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Then the Frenchmen entered amongst the Eng|lishmen, tooke the earle lieng on the ground, with sir Richard Wooduile, and six score more, and there were slaine almost two hundred. The residue saued them|selues as well as they might.The earle of Arundell de|ceassed. The earle was caried to Beauuois, where of his hurt he shortlie died, & was buried in the frier Minors. He was a man of singu|lar vertue, constancie, and grauitie, whose death in so troublous a season did sore appall the harts of the En|glish people. Thus oftentimes varied the chance of doubtfull warre, so that one time the Englishmen got by assault, and yeelded diuerse strong townes, castels, and piles: and at another season the French people, sometime by bargaine, sometime by assault obteined the same againe, or other in their stéed.

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