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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The lord Talbot.Thither therefore the lord Talbot followed, who slaieng in a skirmish the said Amadour, he wan at length the said towne of Creill, and after the townes of Pont S. Maxence, Neufuile in Esmoie, la Rouge maison, Crespie in Ualois, & Cleremont in Beau|uois, and after with great riches and good prisoners returned to Paris. Neither had the lord Talbot such good and prosperous successe alone,Earle of A|rundell. but the earle of A|rundell also at the verie same season tooke the castell of Bomeline, & raced it to the ground, after he got by force the castell of Dorle, & from thence came to S. Selerine, where the lord Ambrose de Lore, being cap|teine, issued out and fought with the Englishmen so egerlie, that he droue them backe an arrow shoot by fine force: but the earle so incouraged his men, that they gaue a fresh onset vpon the Frenchmen, and fol|lowed it so fiercelie, that they slue a great number of them, and droue the residue into the towne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 After this victorie, he besieged Louiers, whereof was capteine the Hire,Louiers be|sieged. and his brother, who rende|red the towne without assault. Then the earle assem|bling togither a great armie, returned againe to S. Selerine, & inuironed the towne with a strong siege. When he had lien there almost thrée moneths, eue|rie daie attempting or dooing somewhat, he finallie gaue so fierce an assault, that by force he entered the towne, and slue Iohn Almaigne, and Guilliam saint Albine,Saint Sele|rine won by assault. the chéefe capteins, and eight hundred other men of warre. The children of le seigneur de Lore were taken prisoners. The earle put new men of warre into the towne, and made capteine there sir Iohn Cornewall. After this, he before the strong towne of Sillie pitched his campe. The inhabitants terrified at the losse of saint Selerine, deliuered him pledges, vpon condition; that if they were not re|scued within thirtie daies next, then they (their liues saued) should render the towne into his possession: which offer was receiued.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The French king, being aduertised hereof by a post, appointed (as some saie) Arthur earle of Rich|mont (or as other write, Iohn duke of Alanson) with a great companie of men of warre to go to the rescue of this towne. But whether it was the earle or duke, certeine it is at his approching to the siege, he incam|ped himselfe by a brooke side, ouer the which a man might haue striden, & perceiuing how stronglie the English were incamped against him, he thought it not for his profit to giue battell; & so in the night sea|son raised & went his waie without further attempt. When they within the towne knew that their suc|cours failed, they rendered themselues to the mercie of the earle of Arundell, who gentlie receiued them, and leauing a garrison in the towne, departed to Mans, and in his waie tooke the castels of Mellaie and saint Laurence. About this time the lord Wil|loughbie & sir Thomas Kiriell, returning with great victorie out of Burgognie, passing by the towne of Louiers, latelie reduced to the English obeisance, furnished it both with men and munition.

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