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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Upon this promise, hostages were deliuered into the possession of the lord regent, by whose licence an herald was sent to the Dolphin, to aduertise him of the time determined; who vnderstanding the distresse of his fréends, incontinentlie sent Iohn duke of A|lanson, as his lieutenant generall, the erle Douglas, whome at their setting foorth he made duke of Tou|raine, and the earle Buchquhane as then constable of France, the erls of Aumarle, Uentadoure, Ton|nere, Maulieurier, and Forests, the vicounts of Narbonne, and Touars, the lords of Grauile, Gau|les, Malicorne, Mannie, Ballaie, Fountains, Mont|fort, and manie other noble knights and esquiers, to the number of fifteene thousand Frenchmen & Bri|tons, besides fiue thousand Scots, whome the earle Dowglas had but latelie transported out of Scot|land.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This roiall armie approched within two miles of Yurie. But when the duke of Alanson vnderstood by such as he had sent to view the conduict of the Eng|lishmen, that he could not get anie aduantage by as|sailing them (although the Dolphin had giuen him streict commandement to fight with the regent) he retired backe with his whole armie to the towne of Uernueill in Perch, that belonged to the king of England; sending word to the garrison, that he had discomfited the English armie, and that the regent with a small number with him by swiftnesse of horsse had saued himselfe.Uerneuil got|ten from the Englishmen by crediting a lie. The inhabitants of Uernueill, giuing too light cerdit herevnto receiued the duke of Alanson with all his armie into the towne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the meane time came the daie of the rescues of Yurie, which for want thereof was deliuered to the duke of Bedford by the capteine called Gerard de la Pallier, who presenting vnto the duke of Bed|ford the keies of the castell shewed him a letter also signed and sealed with the hands and seales of eigh|téene great lords, who the daie before promised by the tenour of the same letter to giue the duke battell, and to raise the siege.

Well (said the duke) if their hearts would haue serued, their puissance was suffi|cient once to haue proffered, or to haue performed this faithfull promise: but sith they disdaine to seeke me, God and saint George willing, I shall not de|sist to follow the tract of their horsses till one part of vs be by battell ouerthrowne.
And herewith he sent foorth the earle of Suffolke with six hundred horsse|men, to espie the dooings of the Frenchmen, and where they were lodged. The earle riding foorth, pas|sed by Dampuile, and came to Bretueill, where he heard certeine newes where the Frenchmen had gotten Uerneueill, and remained there still.

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