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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But though the Frenchmen got here in this place, they went not awaie with like gaine in an other: for the bastard de la Baulme, and the lord Craignar cap|teins of Courallon, with a great band made rode in|to Masconnois, whom by chance Matthew Or rather Goche. Gough and other Englishmen, which were also abroad in the countrie, met and incountred. There was a sore fight betwéene the parties, being of courage and number in maner equall. But after long conflict, the French|men almost all were slaine and taken, and the ba|stard being well horssed, fled; after whome followed vpon the spurres, Matthew Goche. Gough chasing him euen to his castell gate, and there tooke him: for the which act he was much praised of the erle of Salisbu|rie (to whom he presented the said bastard) and had not onelie the rights giuen him that belonged to the pri|soner, but also was rewarded with a goodlie courser at the earles hands.

Compare 1577 edition: 1

About this season, Arthur brother to Iohn duke of Britaine, commonlie called the earle of Rich|mond, hauing neither profit of the name, nor of the countrie, notwithstanding that king Henrie the fift had created him earle of Yurie in Normandie, and gaue him not onelie a great pension, but also the whole profits of the same towne of Yurie; yet now, bicause that the duke his brother was returned to the part of the Dolphin, he likewise reuolting from the English obeisance, came to the Dolphin to Poi|ctiers, and there offered himselfe to serue him, whom EEBO page image 588 the Dolphin gladlie accepted, reioising more thereof, than if he had gained an hundred thousand crownes: for the Britons within the towne of Yurie, hearing that their maister was ioined with the Dolphin, kept both the towne and castell against the duke of Bedford, furnishing it dailie with new men and munition.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The lord regent aduertised hereof, raised an ar|mie of Englishmen and Normans, to the number of eighteene hundred men of armes, and eight thou|sand archers and other. He had in his companie the earles of Salisburie and Suffolke, the lords Scales, Willoughbie, and Poinings, sir Reginald Graie, sir Iohn Fastolfe, sir Iohn Saluaine, sir Lancelot Lis|le, sir Philip Hall, sir Iohn Pashleie, sir Iohn Greie, sir Thomas Blunt, sir Robert Harling, sir William Oldhall, and manie other, both knights and esquiers, with whom he came before the towne of Yurie, which was well defended, till they within perceiued them|selues in danger, by reason of a mine which the Eng|lishmen made, wherevpon they yeelded the towne. But the capteins of the castell would not presentlie render the place, howbeit they promised to deliuer it, if the same were not rescued at a day assigned by the Dolphin or his power.

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