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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Diuerse shiftes were made by king Henrie the sonne, and his brother earle Geffrey also to get mo|nie for the paiment of their souldiers, as spoiling of shrines, and such like. But at length when things framed not to their purpose, and that the harme which they could doo against their father was much lesse than they wished, if power had béene answerable to their w [...]es,King Henrie the sonne fal|leth sicke. king Henrie the sonne through indigna|tion and displeasure (as some write) fell into a grée|uous sicknesse in a village called Mertell, no [...] farre from Limoges, where his father laie at siege.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At the first he was taken with an extreame fe|uer, and after followed a sore flixe. Now perceiuing himselfe in danger of death, and that the physicians had giuen him ouer,He sendeth to his father [...] he sent to his father (better late than neuer) confessing his trespasse committed a|gainst him, and required of all fatherlie loueth [...] & sée him once before he died But for that the father thought not good to commit himselfe into the hands of such vngratious persons as were about his sonne, he sent his ring vnto him in token of his blessing, EEBO page image 107 and as it were a pledge to signifie that he had forgi|uen him his vnnaturall doings against him. The son receiuing it with great humilitie, kissed it, and so en|ded his life in the presence of the archbishop of Bur|deaux and others, on the day of saint Barnabie the apostle. He died (as some write) verie penitent and sorowfull.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 And whereas in his life time he had vowed to make a iourneie into the holie land against Gods enimies,His repen|tance before h [...]s death. and taken vpon him the crosse for that in|tent, he deliuered it vnto his familiar freend Willi|am Marshall to go thither with it in his stead. More|ouer when he perceiued present death at hand, he first confessed his sinnes secretlie, and after openly before sundrie bishops and men of religion, and receiued absolution in most humble wise. After this, he caused his fine clothes to be taken from him, and therewith a heare cloth to be put vpon him,A strange kind of super|stitious deuo|tion, if this report of our author be true and after tieng a cord about his necke, he said vnto the bishops and o|ther that stood by him;

I deliuer my selfe an vnwor|thie and greeuous sinner vnto you the ministers of God by this cord, beséeching our Lord Iesus Christ, which pardoned the théefe confessing his faults on the crosse, that through your praiers and for his great mercies sake it may please him to be mercifull vn|to my soule; wherevnto they all answered, Amen. Then he said vnto them,He is drawne out of his bed, a thing vnlike to be true. Draw me out of this bed with this cord, and laie me on that bed strawed with ashes (which he had of purpose prepared) and as he commanded so they did: and they laid at his feet and at his head two great square stones. Thus being pre|pared to die, he willed his bodie after his deceasse to be conueied into Normandie, and buried at Rouen.
And so after he had receiued the sacrament of the bo|die and bloud of our Lord,His death. he departed this life as a|fore is said, about the 28. yeare of his age.

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