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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 His bodie after his death was conueied towards Rouen, N. Triue [...]. there to be buried accordinglie as he had willed: but when those that had charge to conueie it thither were come vnto the citie of Mauns, the bi|shop there and the cleargie would not suffer them to go any further with it, but committed it to buriall in honourable wise within the church of saint Iulian. Whereof when the citizens of Rouen were aduerti|sed, they were sore offended with that dooing, and streightwaies sent vnto them of Mauns, requiring to haue the corps deliuered, threatening otherwise with manie earnest oths to fetch it from them by force. Wherefore king Henrie, to set order in this matter, commanded that the corps of his sonne the king should be deliuered vnto them of Rouen to be buried in their citie, as he himselfe had willed before his death.The bodie of the yong king lastlie buried at Rouen. And so it was taken vp and conueied to Rouen, where it was eftsoones buried in the church of our ladie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 ¶Thus ended this yoong king in his floorishing youth, to whome through his owne iust deserts long life was iustlie denied, sith he delighted to begin his gouernement with vnlawfull attempts, as an other Absolon against his owne naturall father, seeking by wrongfull violence to pull the scepter out of his hand. He is not put in the number of kings, bicause he remained for the more part vnder the gouernance of his father, so that he rather bare the name of king as appointed to reigne, than that he may be said to haue reigned in deed. So that héere by the waie a no|table obseruation dooth occurre and offer it selfe to be noted of vs; namelie, that euen princes children, though borne to great excellencie, and in high deg [...]e [...] of dignitie, a [...]e to consider with themselues, that not|withstanding their statelie titles of souereigntie, they haue a dutie to discharge vnto their parents, which if it be neglected, and that in place thereof diso|bedience is substituted, God himselfe (when politike lawes prouide not to punish such offenses) will take the cause in hand, & will powre vengeance vpon such vngratious children. For he will be true of his word both in blessing and curssing, in blessing the dutifull child with long life and happie daies, and in curssing the obstinate and froward with short life and vnfor|tunate daies, according to the tenure of his law. If this man had liued in the old Romans time, when a|ged persons were so reuerenced and honoured (much more parents) he had beene cut off in the prime of his disobedience, and present death had beene inflicted vp|on him as a due and deserued reward; which Iuuenal noteth excellentlie well in these words,

Credebant hoc grande nefas, & morte piandum,
Si iuuenis vetulo non assurrexerat,Iuuen. sa [...]. 13. & si
Barbato cuicun puer, licèt ipse videret
Plura domi farra, & maioris glandis aceruos,
Tam venerabile erat praecẽdere quattuor annis,
Primá par adeò sacrae lanugo senectae.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie (after his sonne the king was thus dead) inforced his power more earnestlie than be|fore to winne the citie and castell of Limoges which he had besieged,Limoges ren|dred to king Henrie. and at length had them both surren|dered into his hands, with all other castels and places of strength kept by his enimies in those parts, of the which some he furnished with garisons, and some he caused to be laied flat with the ground.

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