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Compare 1577 edition: 1 He had a little before trauelled to set them at one, in somuch that where earle Richard held a ca|stell named Clareualx, which after the fathers de|ceasse ought to remaine vnto king Henrie the son, vpon his complaint thereof made, th [...] father did so much with the earle, that he surrendered it into his fathers hands.The father séeketh to ap|pease the qua|rell betwixt his sonnes. Immediatlie after all the three sonnes came to Angers, and there sware to be obedient vn|to their fathers will, and to serue him against all men: whervpon he appointed them a daie to meet at Mirabell, where the barons of Guien should also be, vnto whom king Henrie the sonne had sworne to aid them against earle Richard. Herewith was earle Geffrey sent vnto them to persuade them to peace and quietnesse,Earle Geffrey dealeth vn|faithfullie. and to come vnto Mirabell according to king Henrie the fathers appointment: but in stéed of persuading them to peace (contrarie to his oth so oftentimes receiued) he procured them to pur|sue the warre both against his father and his brother earle Richard: and no maruell, for

Malè sarta gratia nunquam benè coalescit.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 King Henrie the sonne remaining with his fa|ther, shewed outwardlie that he wished for peace, but his meaning was all contrarie, and so obteined licence of his father to go vnto Limoges, that he might labour to reduce both his brother Geffrey, and the barons of Guien vnto quietnesse. But such dis|sembling was put in practise by king Henrie, that when the father followed with an armie, and came vnto Limoges, in stéed of receiuing him with honor, as it had béene their duties to haue doone, they shot at him, and pearsed through his vppermost armor, so that both he and his sonne Richard were constrei|ned to depart. Howbeit afterwards he entered that citie, and comming foorth of it againe to talke with his sonnes, those within Limoges eftsoones rebelled, so that certeine of them within, shot the horsse where|on king Henrie the father rode into the head. And if it had so chanced, that the horsse in casting vp his head had not receiued the blow, the arrow had light in the kings brest, to the great danger & perill of his person. Neither did his sonnes the king and his bro|ther Geffrey go about to sée such an heinous attempt punished, but rather séemed to like well of it, and to mainteine those most malicious enimies of their so|uereigne lord and father, for they ioined with them a|gainst him, although king Henrie the sonne made countenance to be willing to reconcile his brother and the barons of Guien to his father by waie of some agréement:The disloiall dissembling of the yoong king. but his double dealing was too ma|nifest, although indeed he abused his fathers patience for a while, who was desirous of nothing more than to win his sonnes by some courteous meanes, and therfore diuerse times offered to pardon all offenses committed by his enimies, at the suit of his sonne the king, who in déed offered himselfe now and then as an intreatour, but that was onelie to win time that his brother with such Brabanders and other souldi|ers as he had with him in aid, beside the forces of the barons of Guien, might worke the more mischéefe a|gainst their father and their brother earle Richard, in wasting and destroieng their countries that stood stedfast on their side.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time Richard the archbishop of Canturburie, and diuerse other bishops and abbats both of England and Normandie assembled togither at Caen, and in the abbeie church of S. Stephan pro|nounced the sentence of excommunication against all those that did hinder and impeach their purpose, which was to haue peace and concord concluded be|twixt the king and his sonnes, the same sonnes onlie out of the said sentence excepted.

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