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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king this yeare held his Christmas at Angi|ers, and meaning shortlie after to returne into Eng|land, he sent to the French king for letters of pro|tection, which were granted, and sent to him in forme as followeth.

5.1. The tenour of the French kings letters of protection.

The tenour of the French kings letters of protection.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 _LVdouicus rex Francorum, omnibus ad quos prae|sentes literae peruenerint salutem. Nouerit vni|uersitas vestra quòd nos recipimus in protectione & custodia nostra totam terram Henrici regis Angliae charissimi fratris nostri, in cismarinis partibus sitam, si contigerit eumin Angliam transfretare vel peregrè profici|sci. Ita planè, vt quãdo balliui sui de terra transmarina nos re|quisierint, bona fide & sine malo ingenio eis consilium & aux|ilium praestabimus, ad eiusdem terrae defensionem & protectio|nem. Actum apud Nicenas. The English wherof is thus.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Lewes king of France, to all those to whom these present letters shall come greeting. Know all ye that we haue receiued into our protection & custodie all the lands of Henrie king of England our deare bro|ther, lieng and being in the parts of this side the sea, if it chance him to passe ouer into England, or to go any waie foorth from home, so that when the bailiues of his lands on this hither side the sea shall require vs, we shall helpe them and counsell them faithfullie and without male-engine for defense and protecti|on of the same lands. Giuen at Nicens.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after, king Henrie returned into Eng|land from Normandie, and at Woodstocke made his sonne Geffrey knight. This yeare pope Alexander sent into all parts legats to summon the bishops and prelates to a generall councell to be holden at Rome in the beginning of the Lent in the yere next follow|ing. Whereabout two legats came into England,A generall councell sum|moned at Rome. the one named Albert de Suma, who had in commis|sion to summon them of England and Normandie: and the other called Petro de Santa Agatha, who was appointed to summon them of Scotland, Ire|land, and the Iles about the same: wherevpon obtei|ning licence to passe through the king of Englands dominions, he was constreined to sweare vpon the holie euangelists, that he should not attempt any thing in his legatship that might be hurtfull to the king or his realme, and that he should come and visit the king againe as he returned homewards.

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