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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But bicause the French king refused so to doo, king Henrie would not suffer his sonne Richard to marrie his daughter Alice: howbeit at this enter|vew of the two princes, by the helpe of the cardinall, and other Noble men of both sides, they agreed to be freends, and that if they could not take order betwixt them, to end all matters touching the controuer|sies depending betwixt them for the lands in Anuer|gne and Berrie, and for the fée of Chateau Raoul; then should the matter be put to twelue persons, six on the one side, and six on the other, authorising them to compound and finish that controuersie and all o|ther which might rise betwixt them. For the French king these were named, the bishops of Claremount, Neuers, and Trois; and three barons, erle Theobald, Robert, and Peter de Courtneie, the kings brethe|ren. For the king of England were named the bi|shops of Mauns, Peregort, and Naunts; with three barons also, Maurice de Croume, William Maigot and Peter de Mountrabell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At the same time also, both these kings promised and vndertooke to ioine their powers togither, and to go into the holie land to aid Guido king of Ierusa|lem, whome the Saracen Saladine king of Aegypt did sore oppresse with continuall and most cruell war. This doone, R. Houed. A law. the French king returned home, and king Henrie came to Uernueil, where he made this ordi|nance, that no man should trouble the vassall or ten|nant, as we may call them, for his lords debt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, king Henrie went into Berrie, and tooke Chatean Roux or Raoul, and marching to|wards Castre, the lord of that towne came and met him on the waie, surrendring into his hands the daughter of Rafe de Dolis latelie before deceassed, whome the king gaue vnto Baldwine de Riuers, with the honour of Chateau Roux or Raoul. Then went he vnto Graundemont, where Audebert earle of March came vnto him, and sold to him the whole countrie of March for the summe of fifteene thou|sand pounds Anionin,The purchase of the erldome of March. twentie mules, and twentie palfreis. The charters of this grant and sale made and giuen vnder the seale of the said earle of March, bare date in the moneth of September Anno Chri|sti 1177. Then did the king receiue the fealtie and homages of all the barons and knights of the coun|trie of March, Anno Reg. 24. after he had satisfied, contented, and paid the monie vnto the earle according to the co|uenants.

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