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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare on the sundaie before the natiuitie of S. Iohn Baptist, being the 18 of Iune, Ger. Dor. after the set|ting of the sunne, there appeared a maruellous sight in the aire vnto certeine persons that beheld the same. For whereas the new moone shone foorth verie faire with his hornes towards the east,A strange sight about the moone. streightwais the vpper horne was diuided into two, out of the mids of which diuision a burning brand sprang vp, casting from it a farre off coles and sparks, as it had beene of fire. The bodie of the moone in the meane time that was beneath, séemed to wrest and writh in resemblance like to an adder or snake that had béene beaten, and anon after it came to the old state a|gaine. This chanced aboue a dozzen ti [...]es, and at length from horne to horne it became blacke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In September following, the moone being about 27. daies old, at six of the clocke, a partile eclipse of the sunne happened,A strange eclipse of the sunne. for the bodie thereof appeared as it were horned, shooting the horns towards the west as the moone dooth; being twentie daies old. The resi|due of the compasse of it was couered with a blacke roundell, which comming downe by little and little, threw about the horned brightnesse that remained, till both the hornes came to hang downe on either side to the earthwards; and as the blacke roundell went by little & little forwards, the hornes at length were turned towards the west, and so the blacknesse passing awaie, the sunne receiued his brightnesse a|gaine. In the meane time, the aire being full of clouds of diuerse colours, as red, yellow, greene, and pale, holpe the peoples sight with more ease to dis|cerne the maner of it.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king this yeare held his Christmasse at Win|chester, Anno. Reg. [...]5. R. Houed. at which time newes came abroad of a great wonder that had chanced at a place called Oxenhale, within the lordship of Derlington,A strange wonder of the earth. in which place a part of the earth lifted it selfe vp on high in appea|rance like to a mightie tower, and so it remained from nine of the clocke in the morning, till the euen tide, and then it fell downe with an horrible noise, so that as such as were thereabout, were put in great feare. That péece of earth with the fall was swallow|ed EEBO page image 110 vp, leauing a great déepe pit in the place, as was to be seene many yeares after.

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