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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king of Scots inua|deth Nor|thumberland.William also the Scotish king, with an armie of Scots and Gallowaimen inuaded Northumber|land, and passing by the confines of the bishoprike of Durham did much hurt by slaughter, burning and spoiling the countrie. Neuerthelesse, hearing of a power raised by the English lords in those parts to resist him,He retireth. he withdrew into his countrie. The English armie folowing him,The English sp [...]le Lou|thian. wasted the countrie of Louthian, till at length by mediation of certeine re|ligious men, a truce was granted to the Scots to in|dure till the feast of S. Hilarie.A truce. For the which truce happilie some rewards went betwixt, and so the Eng|lish lords with spoiles and gaines returned home|wards.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 A few daies after these luckie chances thus happe|ning to king Henrie, king Lewes perceiuing for|tune to be on that side, determined to assaie whether he could obteine his purpose by some means of trea|tie or at the least put king Henrie in hope of a peace for a time, knowing that he would rather suffer all discommodities whatsoeuer, than once to trie the matter by battell with his sonnes: Rog. Houed. A treatie of peace. wherefore he of|fered to come to a communication with him betwixt Gisors and Trie, shewing bread in the one hand (as they say) and hiding a stone in the other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 King Henrie was easilie intreated to heare of a|nie talke for peace, and therefore comming to the place on tuesdaie the fiftéenth daie of September, made so large offers, that he had almost conuerted the yoong mens minds vnto concord. First he offe|red to his sonne Henrie the yoong king, Rog. Houed. The offer of K. Henrie the father to his sonnes. the moitie or one halfe of all the reuenues belonging to the de|maines of the crowne within England, and foure conuenient castels within the same. Or if his sonne had rather remaine in Normandie, he offered the halfe of all the reuenues of that dutchie, with all the rents and profits that were his fathers perteining to the earledome of Aniou, with certeine castels in Normandie, one castell in Aniou, one in Maine, and one in Towraine. To his sonne Richard, he offered halfe the reuenues of Guien, and foure conuenient castels in the same. And to his sonne Geffrey he offe|red all those lands that belonged by right of inheri|tance vnto the daughter of Conan erle of Britaine, if he might by the popes good licence marrie hir. And further king Henrie the father yéelded him|selfe to stand to the order of the archbishop of Tharent and other the popes legats, not refusing to giue his sonnes what rents and reuenues soeuer they should say were reasonable, reseruing onelie to himselfe the administration of iustice, and the power roiall.

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