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Compare 1577 edition: 1 These séemed to be large offers, but yet they could not be accepted. For certeine sonnes of Beliall, set vpon nothing but mischéefe, troublers of common peace and quietnesse, wrought so with them, that no conditions of peace (were the same neuer so reaso|nable) could content them, so that without effect this communication brake vp, but not without contume|lious words passed betwixt the parties, insomuch that the earle of Leicester (who being put from all his aid in England, was come ouer to the French king to purchase aid at his hands) could not restraine but giuing credit to the old adage,

Homo extra corpus suum est cùm irascitur,Pub. Mim.
after many opprobrious words vttered against king Henrie the father,The earle of Leicester of|fred to strike the king. laid hand on his sword to haue striken him, but the standers by would not suffer him and so they departed; which rash attempt or rather disloiall enterprise,
Non sani esse hominis non sanus iuret Orestes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 On the morrow after, the French and English skirmished togither betwixt Curseils and Gisors, in which conflict Enguerane Chastillone de Trie was taken prisoner by earle William de Mandeuille, who presented him to the king of England. King Lewes though he iudged it his part to preserue his sonne in law from danger, yet he ment nothing lesse than to ioine battell with the English at that pre|sent. But within a few daies after, he sent Robert earle of Leicester into England with an armie of Flemings and others, there to ioine with Hugh Bi|got, that both of them might as well by force as faire promises and gentle persuasions bring the whole realme vnto the obedience of king Henrie the sonne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Leicester therefore landing at Wal|ton the 21. of September,Additions to Iohn Pike. passed through the coun|trie vnto Fremingham, where he was receiued of Hugh Bigot earle of Northfolke; and after that an other fléet of Flemings were arriued for their aid, they went vnto Gipswich, where when they had re|mained a few daies, Rog. Houed. and augmented their forces by certeine bands of men of warre that belonged vnto earle Bigot, they went to the castell of Haghenet EEBO page image 90 (that belonged vnto Ranulph Broc) which they tooke, spoiled & burned, & then returned to Fremingham.

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