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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer Henrie the elder (after the iournie of Uernueil ended) came backe to Rouen, and there vnderstanding that Hugh earle of Chester, and Raft de Foulgiers, men of singular prowesse (who long be|fore were reuolted to his sonne Henrie) had taken EEBO page image 89 the castell of Dole in Britaine, and there making warre, brought all the countrie into trouble, he sent foorth streightwaies certeine of his capteines with the Brabanders to aid his people in those parts who on the twentith day of August (being monday) encountring with the enimies, [...] Houed. discomfited them in battell, tooke seauenteene knights, besides diuerse o|thers both horssemen and footmen, slue aboue fifteene hundred of the enimies being Britaines, and pursu|ing the residue, entred the towne which they wan, and droue their aduersaries into the castell, where they besieged them, and with all spéed aduertised the king of that enterprise, who immediatlie with all pos|sible hast came thither, applieng his whole diligence to win the place, that he might haue them which were within the same at his commandement.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 To be short, it was not long yer he had his desire, for being such a multitude, that they were not able long to continue within so streict a roome, for want of vittell they fell to a composition, yeelding the ca|stell vnto the king, their bodies liues and lims saued, on the 25. day of August. There were taken within this castell 80. knights, besides yeomen and other common souldiers. In like maner, and with the sem|blable good fortune, about the same time, his capteins in England ouercame his enimies: for whereas Robert earle of Leicester that tooke part with king Henrie the sonne, had assembled at the towne of Leicester a great host of men, in purpose to set vpon Reignold earle of Cornewall and Richard Lucie capteines on the side of king Henrie the father: they vnderstanding his meaning, marched streight to|wards Leicester, and by the way met with their eni|mie earle Robert, whome they so fiercelie assailed, that they put him to flight, and after approching the towne,The earle of Leicester put to flight. had it surrendered vnto them, permitting the inhabitants to depart with bag and baggage, and then burned the towne: but the castell (which in those daies was of great strength by reason of the situati|on) they could not win.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Matth. Paris. Leicester was by force.Howbeit some write, that by vndermining, the walles of the towne were subuerted and throwne downe, so that the towne was entred by force, al|though they within withdrew themselues into the castell and other strong houses, which they defended for a time, till at length they surrendered all, one par|cell of the castell excepted, for the which by compositi|on they paied by way of a fine the sum of thrée hun|dred pounds to the vse of K. Henrie the father. The siege began the seauenth day of Iulie, and on the 28. day of the same moneth the armie departed from thence, a truce being granted to those that still defen|ded a certeine tower of the castell into the which they were withdrawne.

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