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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same time the earle of Flanders, one of the confederats besieged the towne of Albe|marle,Albemarle woon by the earle of Flanders. and the earle therof within it, which earle was thought to betraie the towne, bicause it was so easi|lie woone, and both he himselfe, and those which king Henrie the father had sent thither to defend the towne were taken prisoners. Diuerse other places which belonged to the same earle were also immedi|atlie deliuered into the enimies hands, which increa|sed the suspicion.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this towne of Newcastell (otherwise called Drincourt) in those frontiers was besieged, R. Houed. Ia. Meir. Ger. Dor. The earle of Bullongne wounded, and di [...]th. and fi|nallie woone by surrender, by the said earle of Flan|ders, who reioised nothing at the gaine of that towne: for his brother Matthew the earle of Bullongne who should haue béene his heire, was shot into the knée with an arrow, as he approched to the wals, and died of the hurt within a few daies after. The earle of Flanders was so pensife for his brothers death, that he brake vp his iournie and returned, blaming his euill hap and follie in that he had attempted war against his coosen germane king Henrie, who neuer had harmed him, but rather had doone him manie great and singular pleasures from time to time.

¶ Good cause had the earle to giue ouer the prose|quuting of violence against his souereigne, being dawnted with so heauie a chance, & griped also with the grudge of conscience, in so vnkindlie rewarding his welwiller, at whose hands he confessed himselfe to haue receiued manie a benefit. Wherein we are to note, that ingratitude neuer hurieth anie so much as him or them in whom it is nestled. And hereto allu|deth the comedie-writer, when he saith verie neatlie,

—morem hunc homines habent, quod sibi voluntPl [...]nt. in C [...]
Dum id impetrãt, boni sunt: sed id vbi iam pene [...] se habẽt,
Ex bonis pessimi & fraudulentissimi sunt.

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