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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now as he forecast that matter, euen so it came to passe, for whilest a great péece of the next daie was spent in feined talke about an agréement; K. Lewes appointed a great part of his host to close the towne about, and to declare vnto them within, that king Henrie was put to flight; which talke they within Uernueil beléeuing, yéelded the towne & themselues to the French men. Soone after, king Lewes mi|strusting least he should not be able to kéepe it, set it on fire, and so burnt it, contrarie to the composition betwixt him and them agréed and concluded vpon. He kept also the souldiers that had yeelded it into his hands, Rog. Houed. togither with the hostages as prisoners, and doubting to cope with his enimie,The ninth of August being thursdaie sai|eth R. Houed. king Lewes fleeth awaie in the night. went awaie in the night with as still noise as was possible. Which euill dealing had not inuaded his hart, but that euill mea|ning had possessed it before, euen at the composition making: but he neuer learned that,

Pub. Mim.Fidem qui perdit nihil potest vltra perdere.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie at length perceiuing the fraud, sent certeine bands of his horssemen after to pursue the enimie: but for that king Lewes was alreadie got|ten into the inner parts of his owne countrie, those which were sent, turned vpon those that were left in the hindermost ward, of whome they slue a great number both horssemen and footmen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 K. Henrie following his men, came to Uernueil, and staieng there that night, tooke order for the repai|ring and new fortifieng of the towne. On the mor|row after he went to the castell of Danuille, and wan it,Danuille. taking diuerse knights and yeomen within it: this castell belonged to one Gilbert de Tileres.Gilbert de Tileres. And thus it came to passe touching the attempt of the French king for the winning of Uernueil, as in some authors we find reported. Wil. Paruus. ¶Other write other|wise of the mater, as thus, the French K. being sum|moned by K. Henrie the father, either to depart from the siege of Uernueil, or to looke for battell; & hearing also that in performance of the message K. Henrie approched with his power, he sent a bishop & an ab|bat vnto him to vnderstand if he meant to giue bat|tell in deed.K. Henrie his short answere to the French kings messen|gers. The messengers met king Henrie as he was aduanced before his host vpon some occasion, with a small companie about him, vnto whom they declared that their maister the French king requi|red to be assured whether he should haue battell or no. King Henrie armed as he was, with fierce counte|nance and dreadfull voice made this short answere;

Get you hence, and tell your king that I am here at hand.
The messengers returning to their maister, declared what they had séene and heard. Wherevpon (without longer staie) he raised his field, and with a gallant and mightie armie departed home to his great dishonour, not winning the towne at all, as by the same author it should appeere.

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