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Compare 1577 edition: 1 What power she brought with hir.Some write that the empresse brought with hir a great armie, to the intent that ioining with Ra|nulph earle of Chester (who tooke part with Robert erle of Glocester, bicause the same Rob. had maried his daughter) she might fight with king Stephan, and trie the battell with him. Other declare that she came to England now at the first, Wil. Malm. but with a small power (as seuen score horssemen or men of armes as we may call them) in hope of Gods assurance (who seldome faileth those that fight in a rightfull cause) and againe vpon trust of aid of fréends, Polydor. who for the benefits receiued at hir fathers hands, would be rea|die to go against king Stephan. Wherevpon hir brother earle Robert leauing his sister in the castle of Arundell, rode with all spéed vnto Glocester tho|rough his enimies countrie, not taking with him past 12. men of armes, and as manie archers on horssebacke, that vpon his cõming thither he might leuie an armie with so much speed as was possible. Now when he came to Glocester, though the citie was kept with a garison of soldiours placed there by king Stephan,Earle Robert commeth to Glocester. yet the townesmen, after they heard that their earle was approched to the gates, they droue out the garison, & receiued him into the towne, where he remained a time, partlie to assemble an ar|mie, and partlie to practise with other townes and ca|stels thereabouts, to reuolt vnto his sister.

Matt. Paris. Brian the earle of Glo|cesters sonne. Miles earle of Hereford. Polydor.

The empresse besieged in A|rundell castel.

Amongst all other, the earles sonne Brian, and Miles of Glo|cester were right ioifull of the news of the empresses arriuall, and gladlie prepared themselues to fight in defense of hir cause.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time king Stephan, hauing know|ledge of the landing of the empresse, and other his e|nimies, came strait to Arundell, where he besieged hir in the castle, and spent his labour certeine daies in vaine about the winning of it. Howbeit at that present he did not preuaile, for there were certeine with him, who in fauour of the empresse bare him in hand, that it was not possible to win that fortresse, and therefore aduised him to raise his siege, and suf|fer the empresse to be at libertie to go to some other place, where he might with more ease and lesse da|mage get hir into his hands.The king raiseth his siege. The king not percei|uing the drift of those secret practisers, followed their counsell. Wherevpon the empresse being now at li|bertie, went from place to place to trie and solicit hir fréends: and as a riuer increaseth in the passage, so the further the ladie went, the more hir power increa|sed. About the midst of the next night after the siege was raised, she departed out of the castle, and with great iournies sped hir towards Bristow,The empresse goeth to Bri|stow. which was alreadie reuolted to hir side.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 These things being thus bruted abroad, the Peeres of the realme resorted to hir, as they that well re|membred how in time past by oth of allegiance they were suerlie bound to hir and hir issue. The king in the meane time besieged the castle of Wallingford,K. Stephan besiegeth Wallingford. but after he vnderstood that the empresse was got|ten to Bristow, repenting himselfe for his light cre|dit giuen to euill counsell, he left off the siege of Wallingford, and drew towards Bristow, that he might (if it were possible) inclose his aduersaries within that walled citie. But the empresse, being ad|uertised of his determination (by such of hir fréends as were resident about him) first went to Gloce|ster, and after to Lincolne, where she prouided vit|tailes and all other things necessarie for hir armie and defense: purposing to remaine in that citie, till the matter were either tried by chance of warre be|twixt hir and king Stephan, or that by the peoples helpe reuolting to hir side, he might be driuen out of the realme, and she restored to the whole gouerne|ment. The king followed hir verie earnestlie, and comming vnto Lincolne besieged it, Anno Reg. 6. 1141 assaieng on e|uerie side which waie he might best find meanes to win it, & enter into the same. Sim. Dunel. R. Houe. K. Stephan winneth Lincolne. Ran. Higd. Simon Dun. At length the empresse found shift to escape from thence, and within a little while the king got possession of the citie. But short|lie after, Robert earle of Glocester, and Ranulph earle of Chester, Hugh Bigot, and Robert of Mor|ley assembling their power, aswell of Welshmen as others, to come to the succour of those that were thus besieged, came to Lincolne, Polydor. N. Triuet. & pitching downe their tents néere to the enimies, they rested the first night without making any great attempt.

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