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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In déed he wist not well whom he might trust, for he stood in doubt of all men,K. Stephan doubts whom to trust. bicause he was aduerti|sed by credible report, that the empresse sought for aid on all sides, meaning verie shortlie to come into England. For this cause also he thought good to pro|cure the fréendship of Lewes king of France, which he brought to passe,He cõtracteth affinitie with the French king. by concluding a mariage be|twéene his sonne Eustace and the ladie Constance sister to the said Lewes. But within a few yeares after, this Eustace died, and then was Constance maried to Raimond earle of Tholouse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wil. Malm. Polydor. Matt. Paris. Alberike de Uéer plea|deth the kings cause.In the meane time, namelie on the first daie of September, a councell was holden at Winchester, wherein earle Alberike de Ueer pleaded with great eloquence the kings case, in excuse of his fault for imprisoning the bishops, which was sore laid to his charge by his owne brother the bishop of Winche|ster, being also the popes legat: who (togither with the archbishop of Canturburie and other bishops) had called this councell for that purpose. Howbeit they got nothing of the king but faire words, and promi|ses of amendment in that which had béene doone o|therwise than equitie required, which promises were vtterlie vnperformed, and so the councell brake vp.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the moneth of Iulie the empresse Maud lan|ded here in England at Portesmouth,The empresse landed here in England. & went strait to Arundell, which towne (togither with the countie of Sussex) hir mother in law Adelicia king Henries second wife, wedded to William de Albenay, held in right of assignation for hir dower. There came in with the empresse hir brother Robert and Hugh Bi|got, of whom ye haue heard before.

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