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¶ Here we see what a band of calamities doo ac|companie and waite vpon warre, wherein also we haue to consider what a traine of felicities doo at|tend vpon peace, by an equall comparing of which twaine togither, we may easilie perceiue in how heauenlie an estate those people be that liue vnder the scepter of tranquillitie, and contrariwise what a hellish course of life they lead that haue sworne their seruice to the sword. We may consider also the inordinat outrages of princes, & their frantike fierse|nes, who esteeme not the losse of their subiects liues, the effusion of innocent bloud, the population of countries, the ruinating of ample regions, &c: so their will may be satisfied, there desire serued. M. Pal. in suo Capric. And therefore it was aptlie spoken by a late poet, not be|side this purpose:

Reges atque duces dira impelluntur in arma,
Imperiúmque sibi miserorum caede lucrantur.
O caeci, ô miseri, quid? bellum pace putatis
Dignius aut melius? nempe hoc nil turpius, & nil
Quod magis humana procul à ratione recedat.
Candida pax homines, trux decet ira feras.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But to our storie. Ouid. King Stephan hearing of this pitifull spoile,

K. Stephan maketh hast to rescue the north parts. The Scots retire.

K. Stephan burnt the south parts of Scotland.

hasted forward with great iournies to the rescue of the countrie. The Scots put in feare of spéedie comming to encounter them, drew backe in|to Scotland: but he pursued them, and entring into their countrie, burned and destroied the south parts of that realme in most miserable maner. Whilest king Stephan was thus about to beat backe the forren enimies, and reuenge himselfe on them, he was assailed by other at home, & not without the iust vengeance of almightie God, who meant to punish him for his periurie committed in taking vpon him the crowne, contrarie to his oth made vnto the em|presse and hir children. For Robert earle of Gloce|ster, base brother vnto the empresse,Robert earle of Glocester. and of hir priuie councell, sought by all meanes how to bring king Stephan into hatred, both of the Nobles and com|mons, that by their helpe he might be expelled the realme, and the gouernment restored to the empresse and hir sonne.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Such earnest trauell was made by this earle of Glocester, that manie of his freends which fauoured his cause, now that king Stephan was occupied in the north parts, ioined with him in conspiracie a|gainst their souereigne. First the said earle him|selfe tooke Bristowe:Bristow ta|ken. and after this diuerse other townes and castels there in that countrie were ta|ken by him and others, with full purpose to kéepe the same to the behoofe of the empresse and hir sonne. A|mongst other William Talbot tooke vpon him to defend Hereford in Wales: Simon Dun. Talbot. Matt. Paris. Louell. Painell. William Louell held the castell of Cary: Paganell or Painell kept the castell of Ludlow: William de Moun the castell of EEBO page image 49 Dunestor:Fitz-Iohn. Fitz-Alain. Robert de Nicholl, the castle of Warram: Eustace Fitz-Iohn, the castle of Walton; and Wil|liam Fitz-Alain, the castle of Shrewesburie.

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