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Compare 1577 edition: 1 When word hereof came to king Stephan, he was maruellouslie vexed: for being determined to haue pursued the Scots euen to the vttermost limits of their countrie, he was now driuen to change his mind, and thought it good at the first to stop the pro|ceedings of his enimies at home, least in giuing them space to increase their force, they might in pro|cesse of time growe so strong, that it would be an hard matter to resist them at the last. Herevpon ther|fore he returned southward, Simon Dun. Matth. Paris. The castle of Douer deli|uered to the quéene. Polydor. and comming vpon his enimies, recouered out of their hands diuers of those places which they held, as Hereford, and the castle of Shrewesburie. About the same time one Walkeline yéelded the castle of Douer vnto the quéene, who had besieged him within the same.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now king Stephan knowing that the Scots were not like long to continue in quiet, returned northwards againe;Thurstan archbishop of Yorke made lieutenant of ye north parts. and comming to Thurstan the archbishop of Yorke, he committed the kéeping of the countrie vnto his charge, commanding him to be in a redinesse to defend the borders vpon any sud|den inuasion. Which thing the couragious archbishop willinglie vndertooke. By this meanes king Ste|phan being eased of a great part of his care, fell in hand to besiege the residue of those places which the rebels kept: but they fearing to abide the danger of an assault, fled away, some into one part, and some into an other; whom the kings power of horssemen still pursuing and ouertaking by the way, slue, and tooke no small number of them prisoners in the chase. Thus was the victorie in maner wholie atchiued, and all those places recouered, which the enimies had fortified.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In like maner when king Dauid heard that the king was thus vexed with ciuill warre at home, he entred England againe in most forceable wise:The Scots eftsoones in|uade Nor|thumberland. and sending his horssemen abroad into the countrie, commanded them to waste and spoile the same after their accustomed maner. But in the meane time he purposed with himselfe to besiege Yorke: which citie if he might haue woone, he determined to haue made it the frontier hold against king Stephan, and the rest that tooke part with him. Herevpon calling in his horssemen from straieng further abroad, he marched thitherwards, and comming neere to the citie, pitched downe his tents.

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