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Compare 1587 edition: 1 THus farre (gentle reader) as mine inſtructi|ons directed me, and my leyſure ſerued mee, haue I continued a parcell of the Iriſh hiſtorie, and haue ſtretched it to the raigne of Edwarde the ſixth. Wherevpon I am forced to craue at thyne handes pardon and tollerance: pardon for any errour I ſhal be found to haue committed, which vpon friendly admonition I am ready to reforme: tollerance, for that part of the hiſtorie which is not continued, till time I be ſo furni|ſhed and fraught with matter, as that I may employ my trauaile to ſerue thy contentation. And albeit I might with ſome enquirie, iumble vp theſe latter yeares, and ſo make the booke to beare a ſhewe of a complete Hiſtorie, yet not|withſtanding, I am ſo preciſely ſet vpon ſo tic|kle a taſke, and ſo fickle a grounde, that rather concerneth the liuing, than apperteyneth to the deade, as I woulde be lothe to be taken in anye part thereof, not onely to ſtumble, but alſo once to trippe. For as the Philoſopher reproued the aſtronomer, which was ſo buſie in gazing on the ſkie, as that he tumbled headlong in a pitte that was digged at his feete, ſuppoſing that hee which was ignorant of ſo neare a marke, was not like to prognoſticate future euentes by Pla|nets and Starres, that were ſo farre diſtant of: ſo if a Chronicler ſhoulde miſreport exploytes that were enterpriſed but heſte [...]n day, the reader might probably ſurmiſe, that hee which is rawe in theſe latter yeares, were like to bee verie vn|ripe in rehearſing matters that happened many yeared paſt. Theſe and the like reaſons, re|claymed mee from perfecting at this preſent the Iriſh Hiſtorie, requeſting thee, gentle Reader, friendly to accepte, what is alreadie written, which I craue, as one that wiſheth thee rather pleaſure in the reading, than regardeth hys owne payne in the pennyng of the ſayde Treatiſe.

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The yeares of our Lorde.The names of the Gouernors, Lieutenants, Lord Iuſtices, and Deputies of Ireland, ſince the conqueſt thereof by king Henrie the ſecond.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • 1174RIchard S [...]rangbow Erle of Pembroke go|uernor, hauing Reymond le Grace ioyned in commiſſion with him.
  • 1177Reymond le Grace Lieutenant by himſelfe.
  • William Fitz Aldelme lieutenant, hauing Iohn de Curcy, Robert Fitz Stephans, and Miles Cogan ioyned in commiſſion with him.
  • Hugh Lacie Lieutenant.
  • 1182Iohn La [...]y Coneſtable of Cheſter, Gouernors
  • Richard de Peche Gouernors
  • Hugh Lacie againe Lieatenant.
  • Hugh Lacie the yonger Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1227Henry Loandoris Archb. of Dublin L. Iuſtice.
  • 1228Morice Fitz Girald Lord chiefe Iuſtice.
  • 1253Iohn Fitz Geoffrey knight, Lorde Iuſtice.
  • Alain de la Zouch Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1258Stephen de Long Eſpe Lord Iuſtice.
  • William Deane Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1261Sir Richard Rochell or Capell Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1267Dauid Barry Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1268Robert Vfforde Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1269Richarde de Exeter Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1270Iames Lorde Audley Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1272Morice Fitz Morice Lorde Iuſtice.
  • Walter Lorde Genuille Lord Iuſtice.
  • Robert Vfforde againe Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1281Fulborne Biſhop of Waterford Lord Iuſtice.
  • Iohn Samford Archbiſhop of Dublin L. Iuſtice
  • William Veſci Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1295William Dodingſels Lorde Iuſtice.
  • Thomas Fitz Morice Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1298Iohn Wogan Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1314Theobald Verdon Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1315Edmond Butler Lorde Iuſtice.
  • 1317Roger Lorde Mortimer Lorde Iuſtice.
  • Alexander Bignor Archb. of Dublin L. Iuſtice.
  • 1319Roger Lord Mortimer ſecond tyme L. Iuſtice.
  • 1320Thomas Fitz Iohn Erle of Kildare L. Iuſtice.
  • 1321Iohn Birmingham Erle of Louth L. Iuſtice.
  • 1323Iohn lorde Darcie Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1327Roger Outlaw Prior of Kilmaynan L. Iuſtice.
  • Anthonie Lord Lucie Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1332Iohn Lord Darcy ſecond time Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1337Iohn Lord Charleton Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1338Thomas Biſhop of Hereford Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1339Iohn lord Darcy ordeyned Lord Iuſtice by pa|tent during his life by Edward the thirde.
  • Raufe Vfford Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1346Robert Darcy Lord Iuſtice.
  • Iohn Fitz Morice Lorde Iuſtice.
  • Walter lord Bermingham Lord Iuſtice, his de|puties were Iohn Archer prior of Kilmaynan, Baron Carew, and ſir Thomas Rokeſby.
  • Maurice Fitz Thomas Earle of Deſmond had the office of Lorde Iuſtice for terme of his life, of king Edward the third his graunt.
  • 1355Thomas Rokeſby knight Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1357Almerich de Saint Amand appointed L. I. by turnes.
  • Iohn Butler Erle of Ormond appointed L. I. by turnes.
  • Maurice Fitz Th. erle of Kild. appointed L. I. by turnes.
  • 1361Lionel duke of Clarence Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1367Gerald Fitzmaurice Erle of Deſmond L. I.
  • 1369Williã L. Winſor the fi [...]ſt lieutenant in Ireland
  • 1772Richard Aſhton Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1381Roger Mortimer Iuſtices & lieutenãts ſpe|ciallye recorded in Ri|chard the ſeconds dayes.
  • Philip Courtney Iuſtices & lieutenãts ſpe|ciallye recorded in Ri|chard the ſeconds dayes.
  • Iames erle of Orm Iuſtices & lieutenãts ſpe|ciallye recorded in Ri|chard the ſeconds dayes.
  • Robert Vere Earle of Oxforde Marques of Dublin, created duke of Irelande.
  • 1394Roger Mortimer Erle of March Lieutenant.
  • Roger Mortimer erle of March & Viſter lieut.
  • Roger Gray Lorde Iuſtice.
  • Iohn Stanley knight Lorde Lieutenant.
  • 1401Thomas of Lancaſter brother to king Henry the fourth Lord Lieutenant, whoſe Deputies at ſundrie tymes were, Alexander Bi. of Meth, Stephen Scrope knight, and the Prior of Kilmaynam.
  • 1403Iames Butler Erle of Ormond Lord Iuſtice.
  • Girald Erle of Kildare Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1407Iames Butler Erle of Ormonde, ſonne to the foreſayd Iames Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1413Iohn Stanley againe Lord Lieutenant.
  • Thomas Crauley Arch. of Dublin lord Iuſtice.
  • 1414Iohn Lord Talbot of Shieyfield Lieutenant.
  • 1420Iames Butler erle of Ormond, the ſecond time Lieutenant.
  • Edmond Erle of March, Iames Erle of Ormond his deputie. Lieutenã|tes to king H. the ſixt.
  • Iohn Sutton L. Dudley, ſir Th. Straunge knight his deputie. Lieutenã|tes to king H. the ſixt.
  • Sir Thomas Stanley, ſir Chri|ſtopher [...]lunket his deputie, Lieutenã|tes to king H. the ſixt.
  • Lion Lorde Welles the Earle of Ormond his deputie. Lieutenã|tes to king H. the ſixt.
  • Iames erle of Ormõd by himſelf Lieutenã|tes to king H. the ſixt.
  • Iohn Earle of Shrewſburie, the Archbiſhop of Dublin in his ab|ſence Lorde Iuſtice. Lieutenã|tes to king H. the ſixt.
  • Richard Plantagenet duke of Yorke, father to king Edwarde the fourth, had the office of Lieutenant by king Henrie the ſixt his letters patents for ten yeares. His deputies at ſun|dry times were. The Baron of Deluin, Ri|chard Fitz Guſtace knight, Iames erle of Or|mond, & Thomas Fitz Morice erle of Kildare.
  • Thomas Fitz Morice Erle of Kildare Lord Iu|ſtice in king Edward the fourth his dayes, vn|till the third yeare of his raigne. After which George duke of Clarence brother to the King had the office of Lieutenant during his life, & made his deputies by ſundrie tymes theſe.
  • Thomas Erle of Deſmonde, Deputies to the duke of Clarence.
  • Iohn Tiptoft erle of Worceter, Deputies to the duke of Clarence.
  • Thomas Erle of Kildare, Deputies to the duke of Clarence.
  • Henry Lord Gray of Ruthine. Deputies to the duke of Clarence.
  • 1470Sir Rouland Euſtace Lord Deputie.
  • Richard duke of Yorke yonger ſon to king Ed|ward the fourth Lieutenant.
  • Edward ſon to Richarde the third Lieutenant, his deputie was Gerald Erle of Kildare.
  • Iaſper duke of Bedford and Erle of Pembroke Lieut. his deputy was Walter Archb. of Dub.
  • 1494Edward Poynings knight, Lord deputie.
  • 1501Henrie duke of Yorke, after king by the name of Henrie the eight, Lieutenant, his deputie Girald Erle of Kildare.
  • Girald Fitz Girald Erle of Kildare L. deputie.
  • 1520Thomas Howard Earle of Surrey, after duke of Norffolke, Lieutenant.
  • 1523Piers Butler Earle of Oſſorie Lord deputie.
  • Girald Fitz Girald erle of Kildare again L. dep.
  • The Baron of Deluin Lord deputie.
  • 1529Piers Butler Erle of Oſſorie again L. deputie.
  • William Skeffington knight Lord deputie.
  • Girald Fitz Girald erle of Kildare again L. dep.
  • William Skeffington again Lord deputie.
  • 1534Leonard Lord Gray, Lord deputie.
  • 1540Sir William Brereton knight, Lord Iuſtice.
  • 1541Sir Anthonie Sentleger knight, Lord deputie.
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A TABLE EXACTLY DRAVVEN for the Hiſtorie of Irelande.


  • ABbay de caſtro dei, founded. 28
  • Adam de Hereford an Engliſh captaine, van|quiſheth the Iriſh in a daungerous battail. 33
  • Alayn de la Zouch Lorde Iuſtice, ſlaine by the Erle of Surrey. 45
  • Albius an Iriſh biſhop. 11
  • Aldlecke caſtle deſtroyed. 45
  • Alen Iohn, Archbiſhop of Dublin, enimie to the Giraldines. 90. flieth to the caſtel of Dublin. 91. is apprehended by the rebelles, and ſhamefully murdered. 92
  • Alen Iohn, knight. 90. Alice Kettle a witch. 58
  • Alma earle Strangbow his daughter, maried to William eldeſt ſon to Maurice Fitz Girald. 34
  • Ambition ſetteth one brother agaynſt another. 3. 5
  • Anninus. 3. Antragh. 78
  • Ardſcollburnt. 46
  • Articles agreed vpon in the counſel at Caſſhil. 10
  • Arthur Mac Murrow, ouercome by Iames erle of Ormond. 71
  • Arthure king of Brytaine, had the Iriſh in ſub|iection, and tooke tribute of them. 5
  • Articles of agreement betweene Rotherick Mo|narke of Ireland, and Dermote king of Lun|ſter. 23
  • Arundell Lord of the Stand, his yerely reuenues in Henrie the fourth his dayes. 68
  • Atheſſell burnt. 57. Athione caſtell burnt. 53
  • Aylmer Girald chiefe Iuſtice. 99. his conference with king Henrie the eight of the diſorder of Irelande. 106

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