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Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this noble Earle his vntimely deceaſe,Sir Anthonie Sentleger retur|neth Lorde Deputie. ſir Anthony Sentleger was returned into Ire|lande Lorde Deputie, who was a wiſe and a wary Gentleman, a valiant ſeruitour in warre, and a good Iuſticer in peace, properly learned, a EEBO page image 115 good maker in the Engliſhe, hauing grauitie ſo enterlaced with pleaſantneſſe, as with an excee|ding good grace he would attaine the one with|out pouting dumpiſhneſſe, and exerciſe the other without loathfull lightneſſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Th [...]r [...]fell in his time a fat benefice, of which be as Lord deputie had the preſentation. When diuerſe made ſuyte to him for the benefice, and offred with diſhoneſtie to buy that which with ſafetie of conſcience he could not ſell, hee anſwe|red merily, that he was reſolued not to commit Simonie:Sentleger his [...]nie. yet notwithſtanding he had a nagge in his Stable that was worth fortie ſhillings, and he that woulde giue him fortie poundes for the nagge, ſhoulde bee prefereed to the benefice. Which he rather of pleaſure vttered, than of a|ny vnconſcionable meaning purpoſed to haue done.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His gouernment had beene of the Countrey very well lyked, were it not, that in his time he began to aſſeſſe the Pale with certaine new im|poſitions, not ſo profitable (as it was thought) to the Gouernours, as it was noyſome to the ſub|iectes. The debating of which I purpoſe to re|ferre to them, who are diſcourſers of publique eſtates, and the reformers of the cõmon wealth, praying to God, that hee with his grace direct them ſo faythfully to accompliſh the duties of good Magiſtrates, that they gouerne that poore battred Iſland, to hid diuine honour, to hir ma|ieſties contentation, to the ſuppreſſing of Re|bels, to the vpholding of ſubiectes, and rather to the publique weale of the whole countrey, than to the priuate gaine of a few perſons.

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