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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lorde of the out Iles ſay+leth to the Erle of Lennox.Lennox ſomwhat with this perſwaſion ca|ryed, gaue his conſent to expect the Lorde of the oute Iſle his determination, who notwith|ſtanding all the fetche of the enterprice were di|ſcried, would not ſlip from his word but perſo|nally ſayled to the Iriſh fleete, with three Gal|lies verie well appoynted.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The noble man was with ſuch martiall tri|umphes receyued, as warlike ſouldiours coulde on the ſea afoord him. But of al others, both the Earles gaue him heartie interteynment for his true and honourable dealing, that to bee as good as his woorde, woulde not ſeeme to ſhrinke from his friend in this his aduerſitie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And ſhortly after as they craued his aduiſe, what were beſt to bee done, eyther to lande in Scotlande, or elſe to returne homewarde, hys flatte reſolution was, at that tyme to retyre, bycauſe theyr drift was detected, theyr feyned friendes fainted, the Caſtels were fortified, and the Shoares on all partes wyth ſwarmes of Scottes peopled. Wherefore he thought it bet|ter policie, to giue out in open rumours, that they meant not at any hande to inuade Scot|lande, but to retire to their Countrey.

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