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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Lennox aduertiſed by certain of his friendes that met with him on the Sea, that the Scottes contrarie to theyr promiſe, dealt verie doubly with him (for although they gaue theyr woorde to ſurrender vppe to hym the Caſtell of Dunbrytaine, yet they did not onelye fortifie that Holde, but alſo were rea|die to encounter wyth his Souldiours vppon theyr arryuals) he concluded to returne to Ire|lande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Ormonde verie loath, that ſo greate an attempt ſhoulde take ſo little effecte, dealt wyth him verie earneſtly, notwithſtan|ding his counſayle were bewrayed, to inuade hi [...] enimies, and his Lordſhippe ſhould be ſure to finde the armie ſo forwarde in aſſiſting hym in ſo famous an enterpriſe, as they would ſhew themſelues more willing to bicker wyth hys foes in Scotlande, than without ſkirmiſhing to returne to Irelande. For the Earle of Or|monde was of this nature,The Earle of Ormonde his propertie. that as hee woulde not beginne any martiall broyle raſhly or vn|aduiſedly, ſo be woulde not ſeeme to put it vppe lightly or eaſily.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Further whereas the Earle of Lennox ſtood in hope, that the Lorde of the out Iſles would ayde hym, it was thought by Ormonde not to be amyſſe, to expect his comming, and ſo ioy|ning his company to the armie, there reſted no doubt, but that the Scottiſhe enimies woulde bee forced to plucke in theyr hornes, although at the firſt bluſh they ſeeme to put a good face on the matter.

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