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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Where hauing remayned hulling wyth|oute the mouth of the Hauen contrarye to the aduiſe of the Maiſters of theyr Shippes (who prognoſticated the ſpeedie approche of a ſtorme,The Earle of Ormonde and the Earle of Lennox in dan|ger to bee drovvned. and therefore did wiſhe them to take a good harborrowe) it happened, that the ſayde nyght there aroſe ſo boyſterous a Tempeſt, that the whole fleete was lyke to haue beene ouer|whelmed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Maryners betaking theyr paſſengers and themſelues to the mercye of God, dyd cutte theyr mayne Maſtes, lette ſhippe theyr Anchors, and were weather driuen to the hauen of Dunbrytaine in Scotlande, where as they were like to runne their ſhippes on ground, and conſequently they all ſhoulde either haue beene EEBO page image 112 plunged in the water, or elſe haue beene ſlaine on the lande by a greate number of Scottes that awayted theyr approche, God with hys gracious clemencye preuenting theyr immi|nent calamitie, ſent them not onely a wiſhed calme, but alſo a proſperous gale of wynde, that blewe them backe in ſafetie to the Iriſhe coaſt, from whence they were ſcattered.

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