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Compare 1587 edition: 1 And after that the Scottiſhe Souldiours ſhoulde be diſmyſt, which woulde bee inconti|nent vpon theyr returne, by reaſon of the exceſ|ſiue charges, then myght the Earle of Lennox with leſſe preparation, and more ſecrecye gyue a freſhe onſette, that the enimyes ſhoulde ſooner feele his force, than heare of his arriuall.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ormonde and Lennox vpon this determi|nation landed with the greater parte of the ar|mie and appoynted the Shippes to bende theyr courſe to Dublyn.Ormonde and Lennox land.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lorde of the out Iſles, and his three Gallyes ſayled with the Fleete, for he was not able by reaſon of the feebleneſſe of his bodie to trauaile by lande,The Lord of the out Iles dyeth. or ſcantly further to prolong his life, whiche hee ended at Howeth preſently vppon hys arriuall, and was with greate ſo|lemnitie buryed in Saint Patricke his Church at Dublyn, vppon whoſe death this Epitaph was framed:

Vi manu mea patriae dum redditur exſul,His Epitaph.
Exſul in externa cogor & ipſe mori.

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