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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lorde Gray guiltleſſe of the firſt Article.But as touching the firſt Article, that brought him moſt of all out of conceyte wyth the King, I mooued queſtion to the Earle of Kyldare, whether the tenour thereof were true or falſe? His Lordſhip thereto anſwered bona fide, that hee neuer ſpake with the Lorde Gray, neuer ſent meſſenger to him, nor receyued meſ|ſage or letter from him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The daungers [...]nt happen to [...]ouernours of Prouinces.Whereby may bee gathered, with how ma|ny daungers they are inwrapped that gouerne Prouinces, wherein diligence is thwackt with hatred, negligence is loaden with tauntes, ſe|ueritie with perilles menaced, liberalitie with thankeleſſe vnkindneſſe contemned, conference to vndermining framed, flatterie to deſtruction forged, eche in countenaunce ſmyling, diuerſe in heart pouting, open fawning, ſecrete grud|ging, gaping for ſuche as ſhall ſucceede in go|uernment, honouring Magiſtrates with cappe and knee, as long as they are preſent, and car|ping them with tongue and penne, as ſoone as they are abſent.

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