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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lord Leonard Gray, as is aforeſayd,Sir VVilliam Brereton Lorde Iuſtice. diſcharged, ſir William Brereton was conſti|tuted Lorde Iuſtice, whoſe ſhort gouernment was intangled with no little trouble. For al|beit he and Oneale fell to a reaſonable compo|ſition, yet other of the Iriſhe Lordings, namely Oconour and his adherents, that are content to liue as ſubiectes, as long as they are not able to holde out as rebelles, conſpired togither, and de|termined to aſſemble their power at the hyll of Fowre in weſt Methe, and ſo on a ſodaine to ranſacke the Pale.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Lorde Iuſtice forthwith accompa|nied with the armie, and with two thouſand of the Pale, of which no ſmall number were eccle|ſiaſticall perſons, made towardes the rebelles, who vpon the approche of ſo greate an armie gaue ground and diſperſed themſelues in woods and marriſhes. The Lorde Iuſtice this not|withſtanding inuaded Oconour his Country, burnt his tenements, and made all his trenches with the multitude of Pioners ſo paſſable, as EEBO page image 110 foure hundred Cartes, beſide light cariage, were led without let through the Countrey. Ocon|nour ſoone after ſubmitted himſelfe,Oconour ſub|mitteth himſelfe to the Lorde Iuſtice. and ſent his ſonne Cormacke to the Lorde Iuſtice as hoſtage for his future obedience and loyaltie to the king his highneſſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Sir Anthonie Sentleger Lord deputie Sir VVilliam Brereton Lord high Marshall.After this iourney was ended, ſir Anthonie Sentleger knight of the order was conſtituted Lord Deputie, and ſir William Brereton lord high Marſhal, who within one halfe yeare after he was preferred to be Marſhall, trauayling by the Lord Deputie his appointment to Limme|rick to bring in Iames Erle of Deſmond, who ſtood vpon certaine tickle poyntes with the go|uernor,He dyeth. ended his life in that iourney, and lyeth entumbed at Kilkenny in the Chore of Saint Kenny his Church.

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