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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Maior and Aldermea receyued the go|uernor wyth ſhot, & great ſolemnity, who yeel|ding them heartye thankes, for theyr true and EEBO page image 97 loyall ſeruice,Letters of dunkes from the King to the Dubliniãs. The Lord of Trimleſtowne ſurrendreth the ſworde. deliuered them the King & Coun|ſell his letters, purporting the ſame effect in wri|ting, that he before expreſt [...] words.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Barnewell Lord of Triuleſtowne, who had the cuſtody of the ſword, dyd ſurrender it to Sir William Skeffington, according to the mea|ning of the King his letters patents on that be|halfe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 Thomas Fitz Giralde hauing intelligence that the whole army was arriued, warded the Caſtel of Maynoth ſo ſtrongly, as he tooke it to be impregnable.Thomas Fitz Girald goeth towards Con|naght. And to the ende he mighte gaue the gouernoure battayle, herode towards Con|naght, to leuie all ſuch power of the Iriſh, as ei|ther for wages, or for good will he could winne, to aſſiſt him. The Lord Deputie forewarned of his drift,The Caſtell of Maynoth beſieged. marched with the Engliſhe army, and the power of the pale to Maynoth, and layde ſiege to the Caſtell on the North ſide, towardes the parke. But before any peece was diſcharged, Sir William Brereton,Sir William Brereton ſom|moneth the Caſtell. by the Deputie his ap|poyntment, did ſommone the Caſtell, offering ſuche as kepte it, to depart with bagge and bag|gage, and beſides their pardon, to bee liberally rewarded for their good and loyall ſeruice. But ſuch as warded the Caſtell, ſcornefully ſcoffing the Knight his offer, gaue him heartie thankes for his kindneſſe, which they ſayd, proceeded ra|ther of his gentleneſſe, than of their deſeruing, wiſhing him to keepe vp in ſtore ſuch liberall of|fers for a deere yeare, and to write his commen|dations home to his friends, and withal, to keepe his head warme, for at their hands he was lyke to haue but a colde ſute: finally not to take ſuche keepe of their ſafetie, in that they were aſſured that he and his fellowes ſhoulde bee ſooner from the ſiege raiſed, than they from the holde remo|ued. Vpon this round aunſwere, the ordinances were planted on the North ſide of the Caſtell, whiche made no great batterie for the ſpace of a fortnight, yet the Caſtell ſo warely of eache ſide enuironed, as the Rebelles were imbard from al egreſſe and regreſſe.Chriſtopher Pareſe betray| [...] the Caſtell [...]f Maynoth. Chriſtopher Pareſe, foſter brother to Thomas Fitz Girald, to whome of eſpeciall truſt, the charge of ye Caſtel was chiefe|ly committed, proffering his voluntarie ſeruice, (which for the more part is ſo thankeleſſe & vn|ſauory, [...]ofered ſeruice ſtinketh. as it ſtinketh) determined to goe an aſe beyond his fellowes, in betraying the Caſtell to the gouernoure. In this reſolution, he ſhot out a letter endorced to the Lorde Deputie, the effect whereof was, that hee would deuiſe the meanes the Caſtell ſhoulde be taken, ſo that hee myghte haue a ſumme of money for hys paynes, and a competent ſtay during his life. This motion by letters too & fro agreed vpon, Pareſe cauſed ſuch as kept the warde, to ſwill and boll ſo much, as they ſnorted al the night like grunting Hogges, little miſdeeming that whileſt they ſtepte, anye Iudas had bin waking within the Caſtel. The occaſion of this extraordinary exceeding, was couloured, for ſnatching [...] the Caſtell a field peece the day before, from the army, for whiche, they kept ſuch pot reuels, and triumphãt carou|fing, as none of them coulde diſcerne his beddes head, from the heddes feete.

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