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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Some reporte, that one of the Mooſgraues, who was of kinne to Fitz Giralde, was ſlayne in this conflict, whoſe deathe hee is ſaid to haue taken greately to hearte. The Rebelles fleſht with the ſlaughter of the Engliſhe, hyed with al ſpeede ſo Howeth, ſhotte at the Shyppes that rode at anchor, cauſed them to flie from thẽce, and to make towardes Skerriſh, where landed both the Eglebees,Eglebees. Dakers. and the Dakers with theyr horſemen Roukes, Fitz Girald his Pirat, was ſent to ſcoure the coaſt, who tooke an Engliſhe barke laden with very faire geldings,Engliſh gel|dings taken. and ſente them to hys Captayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After that Thomas hadde returned with this booty, and the ſpoyle of ſuche as were ſlayne to Maynoth, Sir William Brereton Knyghte,Sir William Brereton Iohn Brereton with hys ſonne Iohn Brereton, was enſhoared at Howeth with two hundred and fiftie Soul|dyers, very well appoynted,Salisbury. and maiſter Saliſ|bury with two hundred archers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Laſtly landed at the ſlippe neere the bridge of Dublin, Sir William Skeffington knight,Sir William Skeffington Lord Deputy landeth. Lorde Deputie, whome the Iriſhe call the Gunner, bycauſe hee was preferred from that office of the King hys maiſter Gunner, to go|uerne them, and that they can euill brooke to bee ruled of anye that is but meanely borne.

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