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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Pareſe taking his tide and time, made ſigne to the army, betwene the twilight and dawning of the day, who hauing ſkaling ladders in a rea|dineſſe, wolde not ouer [...]p the oportunitie offe|red. Holland,Holland, Petit Captaine to Salisburie. petite captaine to Suliſbury was one of the forewardeſt in this exploite, who lea|ping downe from the wall, fell by miſhap into a pipe of feathers,The Caſtell taken. where he was vp to the arme pittes, ſo ſtiffely ſticking therein, & alſo ſo vn|wealdye in his armour, as hee coulde not helpe himſelf neither in or out.Brereton ſea|leth the walles Sir William Brere|ton and his hande hauing ſkaled the walles cri|ed on a ſodaine, S. George, S. George. Three drunken ſwaddes that kepte the caſtell thought that this ſhoute was noughte elſe but a dreame, til time they eſpied the walles full of armed mẽ, & one of thẽ withal perceiuyng Hollãd thus en|tangled in ye pype, beſtowed an arrow vpõ him, which by good hap did miſſe him. Hollãd forth|with reſcued by his fellowes, ſhot at the other, & ſtrake him ſo full vnder the ſkull, as he left him ſprauling. The reſiſtance was faint, when the Souldyers entred, ſome yeelding themſelues, o|thers that withſtood them ſlayne.Brereton ad|uaunceth hys Standerd. Sir William Brereton ranne vp to the higheſt turret of the Caſtel, and aduaunced his Standerd on the top there of, notifying to the Deputie, yt the ſort was wonne. Great and rich was the ſpoile, ſuch ſtore of beddes, ſo many goodly hangings, ſo riche a Wardrob, ſuch braue furniture, as truely it was accompted for houſholde ſtuffe and vtenſiles, one of the richeſt Earle his houſes, vnder the Crowne of Englande.

The Lorde Deputie en|treth the Ca|ſtell.

Iames Dela|hide.

Haywarde. Dulcis amica.

The L. Deputie entred ye Caſtell in the after noone, vpon whoſe repaire, Iames Delahyde, and Hayward, two ſin [...]ing men of the Earle his Chappell, that were taken priſoners, proſtrated themſelues on the ground, pitifully wa [...]hling a ſong, named Dulcis amica.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The gouernour rauiſhed with the ſweete and delicate voyces,Girald Ayl|mer. at the inſtaunce of Girald Ayle|mer chiefe Iuſtice, and others of the counſell, pardoned them. Chriſtopher Pareſe not miſ|doubting but yt he ſhould haue bin dubd knight for his ſeruice done that day,Pareſe com|meth before the Gouer|nours. preſented hymſelfe before the Gouernoure, with a cheerefull and familiar countenance, as who ſhould ſay, heere is he that did yt deede. The Deputie very coldly & half ſteruely caſting an eye towards him ſaid: Pareſe,

I am to thank thee on my maſter ye K. his behalfe, for this thy profered ſeruice, which I EEBO page image 98 acknowledge to haue bin a ſparing of greate charges, and a ſauing of many valiant Souldy|ers liues to his highneſſe, and when his Maie|ſtie, ſhall bee thereof aduertiſed, I dare be bolde to ſay that hee will not ſee thee lacke during thy life.

Compare 1587 edition: 1

And bycauſe I may be the better inſtructed how to reward thee during my gouernement I would gladly learne, what thy Lorde and mai|ſtir beſtowed on thee.
Pareſe ſet a gogge with theſe milde ſpeeches, and ſuppoſing the more he recited, the better bee ſhoulde bee rewarded, lefte not vntolde the meaneſt good turne, that euer he receyued at his Lords hands.

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